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Does anybody use indoor rollers or trainers to help them improve their riding skills when weather doesnt allow you to ride outdoors?


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Baruch (not verified)

Yep, as many others who post to this board. Sometimes even during the Summer. A great workout. BUt what was your question?

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Steve (not verified)
Indoor trainers

lol...well my question was whats kind of trainers/rollers do you all use and how do they improve your riding skills?

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Richard Fernandez (not verified)

"I use the top of the line Kreitler 4.5"" rollers that spin almost silently.I use rollers to improve my balance and coordination,focus on pedal stroke,do fast pedal intervals,warm up before a weight session and if I do a hard long ride in the morning I'll jump on the rollers in the evening for about 30 minutes to help buffer lactic acid as I see fit.I have a a fluid trainer as well that is used for cruise intervals and stuff like that.A precise bike fit is imperative all things considered."

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Robert Shay (not verified)

I used this trainer Jan through March this year and gained 2mph speed. Rode 5 times per week, 40 miles each ride, about 1 hour 50 minutes each.

Programmed hills, constant wattage, race against pacer, and intervals. You'll need a computer and bicycle to use this trainer.

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bill vojtech (not verified)

I've used both. Rollers take more skill. Trainers allow you to watch tv, read, etc.

Both are very hot, as there is no breeze created by riding.

I've also ridden rollers outdoors in the snow– in shorts and no shirt. Toasty warm.

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Steve (not verified)

well thanks to you all for your feedback


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SethG (not verified)
Different Kreitler models

The Poly- series Kreitler rollers are much cheaper than the others. Can anyone tell me:

Are they louder?

Less durable?


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