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The good news:

Moving the clocks back Saturday night will give everyone an extra hour of sleep and early daylight.

The other news:

Night will subsequently fall earlier so remember to bring a light if you plan to ride home from GCT.

safety, safety, safety!

We have beautiful routes for everyone:
A18/19 Basil Ashmore, Ron Grossberg, B17 Joe Casalino, Gary McGraime, B16 Hal Eskenazi, Betsy Hafkin, B15 Paul Hofherr, Tatiana Kamorina, C13/14 Mitchell Fink

And more good news:

Pepes will deliver their world famous pizza and birch beer to our reserved train car for the return trip home.

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Ryan Russell (not verified)
Sunday's ABC CT Shoreline Ride

For the ride sunday...I am going to grand central today to get my bike pass. Do i need to RSVP anywhere in the meantime before sunday? Also any suggestions on what to bring?
Thanks! Ryan

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Basil Ashmore (not verified)
Bike pass, RSVP, light etc.

"Gary (our main leader) may wish to correct/add to what I'm writing here but, in the meantime:

Bike pass: If you arrive early, you can probably save yourself an extra journey and pick it up from window 27 on Sunday morning - I THINK they'll be open then.
Form available at:

RSVP: None necessary - just show up at GCT in good time to get ticket(/pass) and make your way to platform and our carriage. You'll probably see other riders with bikes milling around getting tickets, breakfast etc.

Other than that, bring the usual plus, if you plan to ride home from GCT that evening, a light for your bike would be useful as it will likely be dark by then.

Co-leader A18/19

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Gary McGraime (not verified)
the ride is ON

Unless there is another message @ 6:00 am, the RIDE IS ON. Reminder to turn your clock back one hour tonight and come early to GCT.

NOTE there will be a movie shoot on 42nd St tomorrow morning so allow additional time to get into the building as access via the three entrances directly on 42nd Street might be restricted.

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Gary McGraime (not verified)

Forecast is a sunny afternoon in the 50s, but windy.

Thus far, the consensus is to go, but that may change so stay posted.

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Gary McGraime (not verified)

As it stands, we'll meet and possibly modify plans at GCT or once we're up there.


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Alisa (not verified)

What a great ride! Big thank you to the planners and all the leaders. Great pizza, I won't have to eat again for at least an hour.

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Betsy (not verified)

Kudos to Gary for organizing such a terrific event. In spite of the winds it was a blast and, as far as I know, everyone returned safely. Also, hats off to Hal for a 20-mile pull against strong headwinds/sidewinds (you name it). I am not worthy.

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Ryan Russell (not verified)
CT Shoreline

I'm a huge fan of the NYCC, the CT shoreline, Hal, all the B-16's and Pepe's! See everyone soon or next weekend.

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