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I'm looking for a lab, physician, practitioner or witch doctor who can perform a VO2 Max test, preferably in Manhattan. Anything but R&A cycles (they made me wait a month for a test and when I got there, they told me the equipment wasn't working; they didn't bother to contact me to tell me not to come).

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picafish (not verified)

"you need to see a pulmonologist- a physician who specializes in lungs. He can do the VO2 Max test along with other lung function tests- just tell your primary care doc that you were ""coughing up lots of blood"" and you should get the referral pretty easily...."

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Steve (not verified)
Altheus at 4th Ave and 12th St

I just stopped into this shop the other day. They sell high end stuff but their bread and butter are the coaching and training services.


Look under the cycling services link for the Zone Test

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Claudette (not verified)


They do a lactate test. It's about $100.

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Joe (not verified)

Claudette has a good point. From what I understand, a VO2 max test will measure just that--VO2 max. That's great if you want to know your genetic potential for competing in cycling. (i.e. high VO2 max = you might be cut out for racing if you train right).

Then, if you know your heart rate or wattage at VO2 max at a particular cadence, you can then extrapolate your training zones. But it is really helpful to also test lactate levels in your blood as you ramp up to V02 max. This involves drawing a drop of blood every few minutes as you approach V02 max.

Try www.citycoach.org.

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DvB (not verified)

Just curious: Does ANYONE have ANYTHING positive to say about R&A? I've never encounted such universal acrimony toward a business -- at least one that still seems to be a going concern! I've never had any experience with them. But then I probably won't, just based on what I've read.


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J (not verified)

R&A is the best and the worst.

The are the largest shop, allegedly, on the east coast. You want it, chances are they have it in stock. You can buy a $300 bike or a $15,000 bike. You can walk in an do an IronMan the next day - bike, wetsuit, shoes, skin suit, computers, etc. Everything!! It is awesome, like a Disney bike world.

They also have attitude. Most of the staff, especially guys named Felix and Poncho, are cool. But the owner treats them poorly and it trickles down. An owner can't scream publically and vulgarly at an employee and then expect that employee to provide service with a smile. R&A does major on-line sales in North America and Europe and the owner says he like it because he never sees or deal with them again! So, bad after-market service. I saw a customer nearly punch the owner once, orifice that the owner was. But then again, he can be nice - if you buy a C-50 with full Campy Record.

Use them if they can accomodate you. If you are buying and they have it - use them. WTF! But aside from a couple good guys, you ain't a makin' no friends there.

The shop in Brooklyn is worth a visit if just to gawk at the bike porn. :-)

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Valeria Hotsletter (not verified)

Their stock might be big, but...

RA is the single worst bicycle shop in New York City.

Go to Altheus for a VO2Max test.

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J (not verified)

I agree they can be bad. But, if they have in stock a component you need - use them!

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Richard Fernandez (not verified)

Sad but true!The truth is the truth.

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Mathias (not verified)

They should unionize

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Richard Fernandez (not verified)

Why should they unionize?This should be good since it seems you have vast knowledge on the subject.I like to learn,help me out.

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