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The cold weather clothing thread reminds me of something else.

I don't bike in the deep of winter (I prefer skiing instead). But for this time of year, and thinking ahead, come spring time, I need some arm and leg warmers for the morning. The trouble is, I tried a couple of brands in the shop, they all slip right off!

My arms are just too skinny for even a SMALL arm warmer. They fall right off. Not quite so bad for leg warmers, but still a problem. If the leg warmers are already loose when they're new, I can see it loosen further with use. They'll fall off just the same.

What brands comes with XS sizes? Or any brand that are extra tight in fitting? Where in the city (Manhattan) do you find them?

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jmf (not verified)

Child / Junior / Youth Sizes on-line maybe? Maybe they'll be too short.

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Liane (not verified)
arm and leg warmers

You could try Terry (www.terrybicycles.com).

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Pooonga (not verified)

Use the arm warmers on your legs!!!! ;)

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April (not verified)

(most) not quite long enough.

I'm skinny. But not too short.

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jaykaybee (not verified)
Just a suggestion . . .

You might want to check out the Team Estrogen website:


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April (not verified)

Thanks for the link.

While I do prefer trying them on to see if they fit, having the size listed takes some of the guess work out of ordering.

I'll give them a try if I don't find a local source soon.

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