NJ Officials want to ban quick-release wheels

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  • NJ Officials want to ban quick-release wheels
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Perry Roubaix (not verified)

"""One Boston-based designer of a fail-safe mechanism for the wheels told committee members it consisted of a few additional nuts and bolts.""

I don't think we have to look too far to find the source of this little gem of important legislation."

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bill vojtech (not verified)

"The problem with lawmakers is they continue to make laws, even when they are not needed.

Most factory made bikes come with some sort of setup that prevents a loosened wheel from sliding out of the dropouts. I have to take out my file and grind down ""safety tabs"" or remove tabbed washers, just to get the Quick Release to function as it should.

That said, I see many people riding with their qr open. They spin it till it's ""tight"" in the open position, like a wing nut, even though they are all marked ""open"" and ""closed"" on the appropriate sides.

I usually stop them and show them how to do it right. Though lately I've been wondering if we shouldn't let the ""Darwin Effect"" take place."

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rob m (not verified)
I love NJ

"...""The legislation makes exceptions for professional-grade racing bicycles.""

I guess thats something."

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)

Until they require you to have a spot on a pro team to buy a pro-grade bike.

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Claudette (not verified)
What do you expect...

In a state where they won't even let you pump your own gas?

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hal eskenazi (not verified)
quick, release

"so isn't that what they [think] they get paid for?
what can be better then to run for re-election and say i sponsored & passed 300 new laws last year. of course most of them they ""forget"" to read them first, which is why they have advisors. so where does the real quick release really need to be [elections coming]?

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
What an expert witness in bike accident cases has to say.

"I sent the original post to John Schubert who you may know as a former editor of Bicycling, author of books on cycling, and present day columnist for Adventure Cycling, but whom you do not know as an expert in accident reconstruction and witness in bicycle accident cases.

Here is part of his response:

""This proposed legislation is doomed to failure because of federal preemption. The federal government regulates safety equipment on bikes at point of sale through the Consumer Product Safety Commission regulations, and because of federal preemption ""lower"" governments are forbidden to regulate the same product."""

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