Dave Grogan

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"G'day all:

Yesterday, Saturday, I was riding the Washington and Old Dominion Trail when I see a tall figure approaching. There's something peculiar that looks familiar: his jersey. As he passes I recognize it: our fabled (thanks to Mssr. Rosenthal) Liberty Giro jersey. ""Hey, Stop! Where did you get that jersey?""

It was Dave Grogan who has moved to the Leesburg area of NoVa and is working for an historical publications outfit not far from his home. He does a 30 mile ride each morning before going to his office is some lovely territory.

We caught up on club news, personalities, ENY and discussed the state of cycling. It was great to see one of our jerseys out in the boonies but even better to be able to reconnect with a valued and great club member.

He asked to send best regards to all and appreciated the recognition given to all the Siggies (He formerly led the A Sig with Christy.)

Hope you all had a good weekend riding.

Ride easy and ride safe.


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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Send him my best.

Some people actully do make it out of Brooklyn alive.

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