Thursday - A20+ Temp: 69 degrees.

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  • Thursday - A20+ Temp: 69 degrees.
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I couldn't make today's ride but if anyone's interested in riding tomorrow Thursday, email or call me by 9.00 AM Thursday.
I can be flexible - leaving anytime after 9.00 AM - but would like to do River Road/Bradley/Tweed - preferably with no stops.
Call/email by 9.00 AM Thursday.
Meet at Boathouse at 9.30 AM - only if someone responds so call/email first.
(917) 325-4194 (cell)
Basil AT BasilAshmore DOT com

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Basil Ashmore (not verified)
CONFIRMED: 9.30 AM at Boathouse THursday

We're definitely on then.
I'll be at Boathouse at 9.30 AM - picking up rider(s) @ 122nd and Riverside around 9.40+ AM.
We'll aim to be riding away from Boathouse @ 9.30 AM SHARP.
(917) 325-4194

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el jefe (not verified)
I'll see you there/then (nm)
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