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The cold is fast approaching. Can anyone suggest a company providing cycling tours in one of the warmer states during the winter months?

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Ellen (not verified)
50th Annual San Diego Christmas Ride

It's not a touring company tour....but If you can get away Dec 26-Dec 31, there's the San Diego Christmas Ride...this year the 50th annual.
The route: from San Diego into the Laguna Mts, down to the various Palms(Desert, etc) and back to SD.

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Ron Thomson (not verified)

Dominican Republic
OK, I know it is not in the USA but it is in the same time zone and is just a 3 hour flight away. Jet Blue flights can be had for $99 each way in the off peak season.
I have been there several times this year and there is some great cycling to be had with little vehicular traffic.
email me if you need more info.

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tailwind (not verified)
dominican republic

Hey Ron,
did you take your bike? Did you rent? Would you be kind enough to post more information. Thanks.

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Ron Thomson (not verified)
Dominican Republic

"I did take my road bike. $50 each way for the bike. No problems.
You can rent mountain bikes there from Iguana Mama but as far as I know there is no place to rent road bikes."

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Jay (not verified)
Backroads has bike tours in Calif & Hawaii

Other cos go to Hawaii, some less $$$.

One company does a boat cruise in Carib--bike around each island, bike camp in Guadeloupe.

Backroads & others in Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize

Further afield: bike tours in S. Amer, SE Asia, Africa,
New Zealand and Australia. email me for more info

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el jefe (not verified)
I must have missed the news

When did Mexico, Costa Rica, etc, become states?

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JF (not verified)
Also, don't forget... Iraq is also part of our state (nm)
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grace (not verified)
they are their own states

"Not all states are part of the United States of America. As in ""Estados Unidos Mexicanos"". Verdad?
OK, I guess the original question was about USA, but just for fun..."

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Glen (not verified)
Shh! Secret Winter Cycling Trip

Glen here, tour director of the Montauk century, North Fork century, etc. etc. blah, blah, blah.

I am leaving in the next week or so out of LaGuarida to
work on planning a group winter century ride over President's Day weekend somewhere warm. (No; somewhere HOT. If it's not 70 or warmer, why go?)

Possibilities include continental U.S. and... elsewhere. Not ready to say more than that right now, but you might want to get your passport in order. Yes, I'm serious.

More news and propaganda as soon as I get back.


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Sam AA (not verified)

If you will take care of logistics (hotels/motels, and transporting the bikes) More people will get interested; my opinion.

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Stacy (not verified)
Cold Weather -ICK!

Thanks for making me feel better about not riding in the cold. I have heard over and over -how invigorating it can be- and all you need is the right equipment-
sorry not for me - the minute I need to put two layers on - I know it's time to start dreaming of the Spring yes, like my beloved Mets :(
Glenn - looking forward to hearing of your get away trip!

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Maggie Schwarz (not verified)
Death Valley Supper Camp

This is a camping or hotel trip at the end of Feb. organized by a guy named Bill from Grizzly Peaks Cycle Club in the bay area.

Each day they do an out and back, either SE, NE, NW, or SW. They also do hiking and mountain biking.

They rent a room at a nearby hotel for showers. The hotel also has a pool.

There's someone in the group who cooks every night for the group.

The cost is only about $300 for a week.

We would have to fly to Las Vegas and rent a good-size car for our bikes.

Please email me for more info. I know these people from the San Diego Xmas ride, which Ellen Jaffe and I do most years.

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Maggie Schwarz (not verified)
Death Valley Supper Camp details

Saturday Feb 24th to Sunday March 4.


Bill's email address is [email protected]

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