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Can anyone help w/ best way to cylce to eastern Long Island from Manhattan. Thanks

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elsa (not verified)


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Jim N (not verified)
Glen Goldstein

Why not ask Glen Goldstein, Tour Director, The Montauk Century 2006?
[email protected]

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Ron Gentile (not verified)
Cue sheet

"There is a cue sheet on the rides library called ""Manhattan to Montauk"". This is a good route, although I don't think the route through Queens is good unless you're doing this at 6am on a Sunday. My preferred route involves 43rd Ave., Woodside Ave., 69th St., 80th St., etc. Email me if you want and I'd be happy to send you my full route through Queens.

Once out in Long Island, Glen Goldstein's Montauk Century route is gorgeous. It avoids long, tedious stretches on Montauk highway without adding too much to the distance. This route follows the south shore, while the cue sheet I mentioned above goes through the middle of the island (and is also very nice)."

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