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"Here's a link to a power point presentation prepared by a long-time Floyd Landis coach and adviser that attempts to refute the results of Floyd's doping tests:

Just Say No to Floyd's a Doper

Being almost totally lacking in patience, there's no way I can slog through this whole thing. Any of you medically or technically inclined folks out there want to weigh in?"

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An anonymous cow! (Christian Edstrom) (not verified)

"Cliffs notes:

""Floyd didn't cheat, and the tests bear that out, and if they don't, then they're unreliable, and if they're not, then the lab techniques are flawed, and if they're not, then we've been denied due process by WADA.""

Slightly longer form:

Mumble mumble mumble standards not followed mumble mumble.
Mumble mumble Carbon Isotope test has problems.
Mumble mumble mumble of four testosterone metabolites, only one clearly outside of normal range, and one questionably outside of range.
Mumble mumble specimen degraded.
Mumble mumble not double blind.
Mumble mumble lack of due process.

Basically, Floyd may or may not be guilty, depending on whether you're part of the ""reality based community"" but in any case this defense doesn't hearten my conviction that he didn't cheat. What I will say is this - so what? One little testosterone patch on the privvies versus massive blood doping, HGH, and steroid usage in the peloton. Meh, who cares? The only people who think they don't dope is the non-cycling US public anyway. Most know better.

- Christian

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