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Due injury I can't climb steep stairs with my bike (namely that steep stairway on the NJ side). Need to know prior to showing up at Sakura Park on Sat 10/14 that the south walk will be open Sat AM. If anyone hears that it will be, would you please call me, rather than email me at 212-935-1460. I haven't missed ENY century version yet. (Got the cue sheet the year it poured rain and did the ride 4 days later) and would love to do it this year!

Marty Wolf

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esass (not verified)

Not open as of 8am this morning. I was on a bodega bus coming into the city and was watching workers fixing stuff. They were sweeping by the rock wall on the NJ side.

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
South sidewalk will be open tomorrow

I asked a worker on the bridge this morning, and he told me the south path will be open tomorrow morning. In fact, it should be open at 3:00 p.m. today.

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carl (not verified)
We''ll see

I'll be commuting on the GWB this evening, as usual, so I'll let everyone know.
BTW, for this weekend, they'd be smart to have BOTH paths open, given the volume expected for ENY.

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