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There was an accident and the person involved (not me) would like input. Please post your response to the message board or email me. See below:


This past Sunday I was hit from behind by a car while riding my bike near my home in New Jersey. None of my injuries are life-threatening and x-rays were negative. I’ve learned that NJ being a “No Fault” state, my medical bills go thru my auto insurance. After I pay my deductible, my auto insurance will cover 80% of my medical bills and I will have to submit the remaining 20% to my health insurance carrier. My auto insurance company says they can not go after the other auto carrier for anything including my personal items (clothing and the repair or replacement of my bike). It seems like my best option is to hire an attorney to handle this for me, but I am not sure.

If you have had experience dealing with similar situations or have any advice on how to handle this, I would appreciate your input. Thanks…

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J (not verified)

Go to an negligence/accident attorney - they work on a % of recover $ and usually do not charge for a consultaion.

I don't know NJ law, but in NY you can sue only if you pass the threshold of a serious injury - fractures, permanent scars, missing 6 months of work, etc. Do this quickly and the attorney will send you to a doc who is familiar with injuries and the law.

BTW, you may find people who will call you litigious and greedy. Ignore ignorance. If you were injured/damaged by someone's stupidity, you deserve redress and to be made whole.

Heal and be well!

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mike (not verified)

wow , that sucks, what if you have lousy or no health insurance?
i think ny state no fault its 100 percent medical up to 50,0000 cap, which if your seriously injured on a bicycle by a vehicle, you will easily cap out.
first things first, talk to a lawyer

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Steve Weiss (not verified)
I am not a Lawyer, but...

Why should your auto insurance pick-up any cost if you were hit while riding a bicycle which does not require vehicle operator insurance. If a cyclist is hit in NJ and does not own a car, does this mean that the cyclist's medical/homeowners/renters insurance is 100% responsible for all injuries/damage suffered by him?

On another note, I was hit while on my bike by a cab driver in Boston in 1999. It took several months but I reached a settlement with the cab driver's insurance company.

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mike (not verified)
nj no fault is horrible for victims

i just read this article
the injured person gets screwed

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