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"[sorry for the repost, I meant to start a new thread]

I'd like to ask everyone's help in reporting the tacks to the proper authorities, ESPECIALLY on the GW Bridge. If you find tacks while you're on the bridge, pick up one of the emergency phones on the path and tell them. I've contacted a few people in the Port Authority, but they need to hear it from all sides, especially when it is happening.

You can also call the Port Authority police at 800-828-7273, or the GWB operations center at 201-346-4100.

To report tacks on the Greenway, call 311, tell them you are reporting a problem in a city park, use ""Riverside Park"" as the name of the park and then try to give them the exact location. If they are unable to take the complaint (the lack of a street address often makes using 311 impossible), tell them to switch you to the Parks Department directly, or (if it's after hours or weekends) the Parks Enforcement Patrol, and make the report to whoever answers. If it's weekdays 9-5, you should be able to reach Crista Carmody, the Riverside Park manager who has been helping with the tack cleanup.

If you see someone spreading the tacks, observe as much as you can, get to a safe spot and call 911. This is criminal mischief and warrants a police response. If you see something on the GWB, either grab an emergency phone or head to the nearest tower, where there should be a security guard in the booth.

Finally, please send me an email about your tack incidents ([email protected]) - what day, what time, where you found the tack if you saw it on the ground, what your route was before the flat if you aren't sure. I've been passing the reports to Parks, who has been good about sending their mechanical sweeper onto the Greenway, and to the NYPD (Patrol Borough Manhattan North). I'm also going to redouble my efforts in pestering the Port Authority.


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Geo Carl Kaplan (not verified)

Ed, tacks a lot . . . .

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Christophe (not verified)

just took a tack out of my cross bike's tire while on my way to the baseball fields on 165th (on the hudson river). must have been picked up somewhere on the bike path, i'm guessing...

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elsa (not verified)

"it must be true ------there is no ""tacks"" in New Jersey !!!!"

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Cat (not verified)
Watch out, there are still tacks on the bridge!

"I picked up tacks both outbound AND homebound on the GWB yesterday. I saw a couple of people fixing flats on the bridge, and i didn't discover my second until this morning as i was intending to head out. I called 311 but i don't think the woman on the other end really knew what she was doing. She would ask the same question several times, and at one point she asked me if i was ""Manhattan-bound or Brooklyn-bound"" (!?!?!?)

I tried to be very patient with her but i have the feeling the complaint will be pretty ineffective. The gruff'n'tuff fella at the GWB operations center said ""Ok. . . I'm gonna talk to somebody"".

Does anybody have any sense of the effectiveness of these calls? Or ideas what else we can do?

Anyway, watch out, and let's try to catch one of those malicious idiots in the act. . . .

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Chaim Caron (not verified)
What We Can Do

>Or ideas what else we can do?
How about asking the bridge authority if we can store a broom in the security room. Then, if we see tacks, we can stop and sweep and also report the tacks to GWB operations. This way, we both clear the roadway and might be able get a fix on when the tacks are being left--we might be able to help catch the creep who's doing this.

It would slow our ride down a bit, but by less than it would take one rider to change a flat.

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some other guy (not verified)

The real thing to do is insist that the bridge authoriites review any possible video tape. Bridge crossing hours have been reduced due to security concerns -- it seems to me that if they're going to insist that the bridge only be open when they can have guards present, then those guards or security systems should be used to apprehend anyone involved in criminal activity on the bridge.

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Alan Resnick (not verified)

ed-about 6-7 years ago the CRCA was having trouble with tacks on the road JUST at the starting time (7AM) of our Saturday races. Memory seems to be 3 different Saturdays-usually a lot of tacks mysteriously appeared. We all assumed it was a RUNNER who didn't like US using HIS road!!

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todd b. (not verified)

"and don't forget about all the tacks in cp around harlem hill, maybe that same year (at night). we all thought it was designed to thwart the ""night ride"". i remember getting home after the ride finding 3 or 4 tacks in my still inflated tire. if the tack goes in straight at least you have the luxury of fixing your flat in front of the tv.


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