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"Today at noon my road bike was stolen from a bike rack on Broadway and 82nd St.

If anyone sees a For Sale listing or anything suspicious that might lead to the recovery of my very dear bike, please email me as soon as you can.

Silver and Blue Fuji ""Team Issue"" frame
carbon fork and shifters
all Campy Chorus components
Campy ErgoBrain Computer

Thank you very much.


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Cat (not verified)

I'm also wondering if there are other places to post or to watch. I'll have my eye on craigslist. Other message boards that might be effective??? (nycc'ers are usually generous with their suggestions. . . )

I know it would be a miracle but i would really rather have my bike back than collect the insurance. You understand.

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Joe (not verified)

Also be sure to watch eBay and the classifieds on Report it to your local precinct as well. This is probably grand larceny. They won't look for it, but if you ever see it again, you can call 911, give them the report number and let NYPD handle it.

Can you tell us how it was stolen? What lock(s)/chain(s)? I can't imagine leaving a Chorus carbon bike out in public, even for a few minutes. (No offense.)

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