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We need some non-riding volunteers to help staff rest stops.

Saturday morning: 3 volunteers for Sakura rest stop (setting up and helping with food and drink) -- apprx. time: 6 AM-10 AM

Saturday afternoon: 2 volunteers for Sakura rest stop (setting up and helping with food and drink) -- apprx. time: Noon-5:30 PM

Saturday all day: 1 person with car for Rockland Lake State Park + 3 people without cars for Rockland, Saddle River, or Piermont -- apprx. time: 7 AM - between 3 and 5 PM depending on the rest stop

please drop a line if you can help out! [email protected]

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Katie (not verified)
Bag check area

The forecast for Saturday is clear, mostly sunny with temps of 57.

Although perfect cycling weather, not so perfect loitering around socializing post ride in sweaty clothes weather. The post ride party (specifically the serving of food) will not start until 2:45. As such, we will offer a small area to drop one small bag (no larger than a supermarket plastic bag please) that is clearly marked with your name and address that does not contain anything you are not willing to lose. I can not stress enough that if you aren't willing to do without it, don't put it in the bag drop.

The volunteer staff of ENY are not licensed professional Security Guards and are not liable etc. The designated area will not be policed in anyway other than it will be in the area of the post ride party. So no valuables please and no hair gels or mouth wash either. This is simply a service we are willing offer to encourage you to hang around and socialize in the park after the ride.

All bags not claimed by 5:30 will be riffled through, scavanged for anything the ENY committee deems valuable and the cast offs donated to charity.

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grace (not verified)

Hi Katie -

When I'm not bag-checking with my bomb-sniffing dog, I'll pitch in with serving food and drink. We could use some extra help though. Are dogs allowed in Sakura Park?

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Katie (not verified)
Litespeed Demos

Litespeed Demo day at the ENY rest stop in Piermont!

During the month of October you can test ride a Siena at various great Litespeed dealers in New York and New Jersey. This will help you to understand why others are raving about these stunning bikes.

On the day of ENY check them out at the mile 25 rest stop of the Piermont Pleasures Route at Piermont Bicycle Connection on 215 Ash Street, Piermont, NY.

Piermont is also having a monster sale on some of their in stock bike frames - who knows? you might pick up a new steed for the second half of your ride!

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Katie (not verified)
"""celebrity"" riders"

"This year’s ENY will have some local celebrity riders!

This past summer Recycle a Bicycle and our own Ed Fishkin sponsored a group of kids for a regular ride series. 10 children and 2 parents completed the 8 week program; the equivalent of a mini Sig. The first ride was 8 miles and the graduation ride to Piermont.

The NYCC board and ENY committee have invited the riders to participate in the Piermont Pleasures 50 mile cruise on Saturday.

All the proceeds from the New York Cycle Club’s Escape New York go directly to Recycle a Bicycle. It will be nice to see RaB ""success stories"" out on the road, I urge you all to look for the group during the ride or at Sakura Park and give them your heartfelt words of encouragement.

Yeah ENY!
Yeah NYCC!
Yeah RaB!"

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
Another org. worthy of our donations: Right of Way

May I ask that some consideration in coming years be given to making occasional donations to Right of Way ( They do outstanding work in documenting driver responsibility in hitting cyclists and related work in trying to make the streets safer for cyclists. Their funding is a scant fraction of that of Recycle A Bicycle. They are unheralded but wholly deserving of our support.

Incidentally, have you tried to contribute materiel to R-a-B? Time was they would pick it up if it was of a meaningful value and not inconveniently located. No longer. Now, irrespective of the (greater) dollar value of what you want to donate to them, and no matter how conveniently located you are, they will not pick up anything less than ten bikes. You want to contribute nine bikes? You get them to them; they're not coming to you.

They're still a valuable and worthy organization, but I regret that attitude and policy.

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Katie (not verified)
Confusion with start times....

"It's been brought to my attention that there's some confusion concerning the start times for Saturday's rides....


7:30 – Century riders leave
8:00 – Metric riders leave
9:00 – Half centuries leave

If you show up 5 minutes before you are scheduled to leave you'll probably be riding alone. The volunteer ride leaders have committed to (and are expected to) follow a schedule.

Also it is very important to note that the post ride food at Sakura Park will not be served until around 2:45. The committee hopes this will allow the majority of riders to get back in time for fresh food. Please plan your ride accordingly, meaning; if you get back to Sakura at noon you might get hungry waiting around for the food to show up.

Please know the food at the rest stops will be ""light"" compared to the amount of food served at Sakura. We have changed the food format this year, we are hoping that you agree the change is for the better. But if you don't, that's fine but remember, we are volunteers, and like you, we are probably hungry and tired, this is a charity ride, and your expectations for a five course meal served with wine were just not in our budget.....although there has been some talk of margaritas.....


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Bob Ross (not verified)

">>If you show up 5 minutes before you are scheduled to leave you'll probably be riding alone.<<

Shouldn't that read ""If you show up 5 minutes AFTER you are scheduled to leave you'll probably be riding alone."" ?

Otherwise, I really am confused."

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Katie (not verified)

well I was just thinking along the lines of how long it takes me to get rolling in the morning...

waiting on line for registration (if you haven't pre-registered)
getting your cue sheet situated on your bike
grabbing a snack before you head out
saying hello to your friends

for me, all of that would take more than 5 minutes and since the ride leaders will be leaving promptly at the designated start times you might miss the advertised pace group..

now granted there will be a lot of people on the road so I doubt you'll really be riding alone but my point is please don't be upset if the pace group leaves on time and you aren't ready.... but then again you might catch 'em on the stairs if the south side of the GWB isn't open in time.... (ARGH!)

see you in the morning Bob! it's going to be a GREAT day!

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
THE definitive, FINAL WORD on the GWB: It's a good one.

Indulge me, powers of the MB, for double posting this, but it seems relevant to this thread as well as the separate, current one on the bridge.

I just (Friday, 5:10PM) hung up from speaking with the senior press officer responsible for communication regarding the bridge.

He states the bridge WILL be open sometime tomorrow. He doesn't know what time so I suspect we'll find ourselves on the north side in the morning but quite possibly on the south side for the return.

My group (A-19/Metric) will look to see if the south side is open before heading to the north side.

Also, and this is the real news given the photo of the sidewalk posted on the bridge thread: there IS a curb cut.

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