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"Nyvelocity is going to do a 2007 Calendar to raise
money for the http://www.ichallengemyself.org/ cycling program
which gives NY inner-city kids bikes and gets them out of their
neighborhood and teaches them about health and fitness. Most of
these kids never see the world outside of the tiny neighborhood
they were born in and none can afford a bicycle, which as we all
know is a great passage to freedom and self-reliance for most
Everyone involved is donating their time and NYVC is paying for
100% of the printing costs- all profits go to this most deserving
organization .

The calendar itself will feature our beautiful local women riders
on fancy new bikes and kits (provided by local bike stores)-- and
no, there will be no nudity or anything like that. As of now we need about six more women. We have a professional photographer, and are in search of a dynamic stylist and makeup artist. So if you are any of the above and would like to donate your time it would be greatly appreciated. You will also get a great picture of yourself on a bike and most importantly, it should be lots of fun..

Here are the dates of the shoot so far:

Sat, October the 14th 1:30 at the Tavern on the Green and the
or Thursday Oct 12th 5-8 pm on times square at Broadway and
45th --
great spot, we have a mayor's permit to shoot there! We will also have
additional dates so please let us know what is convenient
for you.

RSVP to [email protected] or [email protected], ASAP.

Thanks for your help, let us know if you have any questions

Alex Ostroy and Clara Rodriguez"

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Tanya (not verified)
calendar girls

"Bummer, no nudity, I was just about to strip like Helen Mirren at 50+. So, are we teaching the kids about ""biking,"" about ""women,"" or about ""fancy""?"

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Michael Casey (not verified)

or maybe about going faster?

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DvB (not verified)
Oh, God . . .

"As long as we're not teaching them about ""knee-jerk political correctness"" I'm fine with it."

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Alex (not verified)

The calendar is not for the kids, it's to raise money to buy the kids bicycles and take them on rides out side of their neighborhoods. Sorry to respond so dryly to what I'm sure was intended a clever play on our original post, but I want to make that clear.

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Tom Laskey (not verified)

Yeah, OK, the calendar itself is not for kids and I'm all for fancy bikes and kits but why only women?

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phatbuoy (not verified)

"Yeah, why only women? I am sure there are women out there who would not mind purchasing some ""pretty"" men posing in lycra for a good cause. By limiting the calendar to just women, you are pretty much eliminating potential for more support for the cause. Or is this project driven by some women's who thinks she is hot?"

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Alex (not verified)

Yes this project is driven by wanna-be hot women who, in their spare time also try to do all they can to denigrate womens purchasing power.

Originally we were going to kill puppies to support terrorism but we really wanted to get under the skin of the recreational cyclists in NYC so we settled on a calendar of strong beautiful local women cyclist to raise money for underprivileged kids, I guess we chose well.

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Tom Laskey (not verified)

That's cute Alex but it doesn't answer my question, why will the calendar only feature women? I think it's a fair and reasonable question that deserves a straight answer.

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Sienna (not verified)
why only women

I don't have any data to back this up, but here's my guess. Even though the photos will be tastefully done, the fact is, sex sells. A (straight) man will buy a calendar featuring all women, but is not likely to buy one where he has to look at a photo of a man every other month. And, although an all-men calendar would also sell, I believe that men enjoy looking at photos of women much, much more than women enjoy looking at photos of men. This is a simple question about maximizing profit.

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Tom Laskey (not verified)
No guessing

That occurred to me as well, but I'm not interested in guesses. I'd like to hear from Alex or Clara why their fund raiser calendar is women only.

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Claudette (not verified)
Your question

"Obviously you just want to complain and pick a fight here, otherwise:
1) you would have simply emailed either of them directly with your ""earnest"" question; or
2) the tone of your post would not be so confrontational.

Figure it out for yourself.

Or, better, stop whining and take some productive action. Ask for the help of Alex and Clara or do your own legwork and put together a calendar of cycling men. Find a charity, a photographer and get some permits to shoot and find bike shops to provide bikes. Then, of course, go and find a company to print said calendars and find the funds to produce them.


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Tom Laskey (not verified)
Double Standards

"I did nothing more than ask a question but it seems to me you just want to complain and pick a fight with me. Do you think being the most active poster on the message board gives you license to set the rules for others' posts? And I wonder why you didn't email me directly as you suggested I do? My email address is on every one of my posts.

BTW, I'm surprised you haven't objected to the ""sex sells"" concept. I would have thought you'd have a ""very BAD, visceral response"" to what sounds like a calendar that will be made up of ""cheescake shots of women""."

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Sarah (not verified)
Double Standards?

Sorry Tom,

While I'm sure women everywhere appreciate you appointing yourself as their defender, I'm afraid I have to take issue with your point.

Just as some men finally wake up to the fact women don't like to be objectified it gets even more complex. They like to be sexy, just sexy and powerful not subjugated or oppressed. Women don't simply want to be neutered to be respected, it's more complex than that. I see no evidence of disrespect intended here actually it seems quite the opposite, by using real women rider and not models it does the opposite of objectifying them.

And lets face it, even women spend far more money on images of women ( Vogue, Elle at all...) that they do on images of men. Why don't you ask why they are not calling for old sick people for there calendar, the answer, like the answer to you question is self apparent.

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Tom Laskey (not verified)

"It's interesting how many people think they know my motives for asking my question even though I've never stated them. This is precisely why I wanted to hear from Alex and Clara about why their calendar will only feature women. We can all guess at the most obvious reason but it's just possible our guess is wrong. So why spend time either defending or attacking that reason if we don't even know what it is?

Since I've already spent so much time with this, let me end the suspense(drum roll please). My reasons for asking have nothing to do with any kind of PC crusade. If it is true that the women only angle is to make this calendar appealing in a ""sex sells"" type of way, IMHO I think it's a misguided approach to something that could have gone way beyond that kind of appeal. First, we're not talking about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit calendar with professional models wearing minimal amounts of clothing. We're talking about Lycra, and how sexy does anyone, even the hottest babe look in Lycra? If the attempt is to sell this catalog based on sex, I think the competition is going to be a bit overwhelming. I also don't buy Sienna's theory about (straight) men not buying calendars with pictures of men. As a straight man I had no problem looking at pictures of male cyclists in my Graham Watson Tour de France calendar every day for a year or the men in my Iron Chefs calendar or the men in my Classic Jazz calendar, etc. Yes, sex sells but there are plenty of other angles as well.

The real point I want to make is that while an all women calendar may have its appeal on a superficial level, I strongly believe that a calendar with men and women (and yes, even old sick people if they are bike racers - how inspiring would that be?!) that pictured local bike racers as bike racers (say, Ken Harris in the midst of a time trial or Beth Renaud in a full-on sprint) and celebrated the local cycling community would have a much deeper and broader appeal than a calendar that tries to sell itself with pretty girls in provocative poses - in Lycra. And how much nicer for the kids that the proceeds of this calendar will benefit if the calendar were for them too."

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Mike Santos (not verified)


I know it must feel like the whole CRCA is falling on your head over hear at the NYCC board, but has it ever occurred to you that the only reason so many people know who Ken Harris and Beth Renaud are and what they look like is through the efforts of Alex and Andy Shen and their web site? Just take your favorites and make your own calendar and let them continue to create while you nit pick and demand explanations about ""intentions"". Personally I applaud the site and anything that promotes cycling; racing or bikes for kids who cant afford them."

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Tom Laskey (not verified)

"Where did I say anything negative about NY Velocity? Go ahead and give me an example from one of my posts. And what demands? I asked a reasonable question for which I would have appreciated the courtesy of an answer, since when is that a crime?

For the record, I love NY Velocity, I visit it several times a day, a day without Schmaltz is like a day without sunshine. Nit pick? I think I'm entitled to my opinion and to express it in this forum. You don't have to agree but don't attack me for having an opinion. And it is because I admire NY Velocity so much and think this is such a worthy cause that I want to offer my own observations on how I think it could be more successful. What a shame that you would take offense."

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just another racer (not verified)

Hey Mike,
We know who Ken and Beth are because of their accomplishments on the bike. In fact, some of us don't even read the Velocity site. And what do you think, no one knew who anyone was before their photos showed up on the internet??

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todd b. (not verified)
beth renaud

"did i read the words ""sprint"" and ""beth renaud"" in the same sentence?

(sorry b., i couldn't resist. just some harmless trash-talking. nyvelocity isn't the only place in town for some of that.)


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todd b. (not verified)
and another thing...

"it's funny that a post about a woman racer's calendar came full circle with a post about beth renaud.

anybody remember the Shank Productions local woman racer's calendar that was published several years ago (maybe more) that featured none other than you know who? and the ""models"" in that calendar were NUDE. bet you all want to get your hands on that!"

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jc (not verified)
Maybe this is what everyone is looking for...

And it's for a good cause. The last sentence says it all.


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Tom Laskey (not verified)
I remember it well

Especially the shot of Beth. Do you have any extra copies?

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Herb (not verified)

"""did i read the words ""sprint"" and ""beth renaud"" in the same sentence""

and where might you be sleeping tonight"

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Claudette (not verified)

I vote for a calendar of Hogwich man Todd in different team kits and on different bikes, eating a different hogwich for each calendar month.

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TRC (not verified)

"I agree with Tom.
Tom is entitled to ask the question, and it's really not a big deal that he asks. Why do people have to find a reason to be offended or attack when someone just asks the ""why""? Relax!! As other message shows, obviously there are others who want to know also.
Tom did not imply anything other than ask the simple ""why?"".

I think it will be appealing to a greater audience if the calendar included both men and women - I feel the same way. why not both? If they want to raise funds, why just limit to women? If the photos are tastefully taken(not just the models but also the scenary, the background, emotion etc) I will definitely purchase them, whether so-and-so of NY race scene are in them or not. It's for a good cause, I like the sport and it's a good idea. I just don't see why just women?
Just sayin'"

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Claudette (not verified)
Its in the way you ask

"Your question, TRC, is reasonable and does not scream ""kid having a tantrum, pounding his fists and stamping his feet until I have my answer."" There are positive ways to ask a question and there are whiny, childish ways that detract from the good cause at the base of this project.

Obviously, there are myriad ways to make a calendar. This calendar is made a certain way. If you wanna make another calendar, then do it. Throw out your ideas on this message board. And ask for help from someone (i.e. Alex and Clara, who have already done the research) on how to do it.


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Alex Ostroy (not verified)
silly calendar

Umm gee,

Thanks to those who have jumped to my defense or at least the defense of the site, but I don't think Tom meant to attack me or the site personally. I have ridden with him a few times and I remember liking him actually.

We really didn't mean to be controversial and we don't have any intentions other than to sell some calendars for this cause, and perhaps shine a little more light on the women cyclists around here, but that was a distant second priority. But maybe Tom and others are right, if people would rather have a calendar of men too, I'm all for it. Originally people indicated they thought a calendar of women would sell better, that's the reason,that's it.

And if we do include men, can I put you down for thirty or so each? Or will we get complaints from the staunchly hereto crowd?

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Tom Laskey (not verified)
Thanks Alex.

You are right, I certainly didn't mean you or the site any disrespect and I'm glad you've set the record straight. Personally, I do think a catalog of men and women would have a broader appeal and would probably sell better. Andy Shen is awesome, the Robert Capa of cycling photography, and I think some of the shots he's taken that are already on your site would be fantastic! I'd be proud to have them hanging from my office wall. 30 calendars might be a bit steep but we can work that out.

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TRC (not verified)
Thanks Alex

I would buy at least half a dozen if it featured both men and women, and tastefully done. You have my word! Good luck with the project Alex and Clara. Tad

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Alex Ostroy (not verified)
2007 NYVC Calendars are out!

The Calendars are here and they came out even better than we expected! Every month another great shot of local Racers and riders in action, we had a tough time narrowing it down to these shots from our archives from the last years but we think the represent NYC cycling well. So please help us support this worthy charity and buy one.


Thanks for your help NYCC,


cycling trips