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Does anyone have recommendations for bike racks for apartments? I just moved and there is little space for the bike on the floor so I was wondering. Ideally I'd like for the bike to be vertical to take up less space.

This one looked nice:

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bill vojtech (not verified)
lots of choices
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chris y (not verified)

The rack in your link seems fine, but i have one that does not hang into the room, but keeps it against the wall. I have one very similar to this - which can hold up to 4 bikes if you slide the inner one towards the wall and just leans against the wall rather than drilling into the wall.:

Or similar:

I like that (if you just use the upper) there is fairly easy to use floor space. I have since brought the rest of the bikes into the city and stack two on each arm -- to get 4 bikes on the rack.


If you like the sytle of the one in your link, here is an affordable, minimalist alternative:

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Joel (not verified)
4 bikes on one rack?

Chris Y - What is the make of your rack that you can get two bikes on each hanger? That's exactly what I am looking for.

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bill vojtech (not verified)


It's stylish and simple. Some other one bike hangers have a shelf for odds and ends. This one does not, but it is a bit more ""artsy"" if you need/like that for your decor."

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don montalvo (not verified)
my favorite...


nothing beats a nice oak cieling-to-floor rack that can hold up to four bikes (comes with two sets of bike arms...can order two more sets). i'm not sure it's a good idea to punch holes in your wall or ceiling - whether you're in a rental or co-op. :)



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Wayne Wright (not verified)
Me too, but with one caveat

This rack works because you crank the two bolts near the base to increase the rack's height until it is wedged tightly between the floor and ceiling. It is not bolted to anything.

Mine worked perfectly for seven years, but came crashing down in the middle of the night last winter because the glue that affixes the four small pads to its top dried out, and the pads came loose from the rack. The pads remained stuck to the ceiling while the rack and bikes collapsed in a heap on the floor.

My solution was to glue an old computer mouse pad to the top of the rack so that the padding has much better coverage. The rack is now back in use. I plan to monitor it more closely now though, to make sure the pad remains glued tightly.

If you own this kind of rack, you should probably crank its bolts a little tighter as soon as the heat has been on in your building for a few weeks this fall, since the wood will have dried out and contracted a little. (When your piano goes out of tune, you'll know it's time to tighten your bike rack)

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Katie (not verified)

Container Store has 3 different models. I have the wheel peg one where the bike hangs vertically and it was simple to install and really cheap. only bad thing - marks on the walls from the tires. They have them in the store on 6th and 20 something.

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cat (not verified)
the da Vinci

I paid $25 for each of these at Delta. Here they are at amazon for less than half the price! Look nice, work great.

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Alisa (not verified)

"I have 10 foot ceilings so I'm having 2 of these installed."

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R. (not verified)

May I keep my bike in your apartment then?

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Alisa (not verified)

Hmmm. What kind of bike? How much is it worth? And, is it my size?

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me (not verified)

I have 2 of these
I like them cause there's no hardware in the wall

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Christophe Jammet (not verified)

how sturdy is that stand?

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Joe (not verified)

I have a Delta Michelangelo stand as well. It's surprisingly sturdy even if you only have a bike on the top rack.

However, from a fit-and-finish perspective, the stand leaves much to be desired. The bolts are poor quality - if you get soft-feeling bolts, email Delta and have them ship you new bolts. The paint is easily chipped. That said, it was the best looking 2-bike stand I could find that did not require drilling holes into the wall or pressing into the ceiling.

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