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Following on the heels of the River Road rides last week, I will be doing the same ride on Monday, leaving at 6:05 am from the boathouse. The rest of the week can be determined on a day-to-day basis.

This is about 32-33 miles round trip from the boathouse. We should be back on the NY side of the GW Bridge by 8 am if not a little earlier. I prefer to return via River Road and the West Side Greenway, but there may be a group that prefers 9W and possibly Riverside.

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grace (not verified)
I'll be there.

I just need to be back for Hills of Rockland County at 9am.

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carl (not verified)
up for Tuesday am

esp.since weather gets more dicey rest of week..

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chris o (not verified)
Can't do Tuesday

I need to sleep in Tuesday morning. I may shoot for Wednesday though but it is too soon to commit.

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