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Folks, forgive me if everyone already knows this, but I clicked over to the esteemed Branford Bike's website today to discover that first, BB had moved from Connecticut to Montana; and that, sadly, BB's entire inventory (as well as shop owner Tim Brockett's house and all his belongings) burned in a wildfire on July 30.

I knew Branford only through the mail, but man, what a shop.

On the site there's a full rundown, with pictures, of Tim's narrow escape from the fire as well as a request for book donations--Tim sounds like an omnivorous reader.

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David Hallerman (not verified)
Oh, My...

I am very, very sorry to hear one point in my life (mid 1990s to about 2000), I bought tons of bike stuff from Tim...used to talk with him on the phone...even had him and his business profiled in a magazine I was editing.

Must find books to donate...

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af (not verified)
What a sad story.

I too know this shop from the web as a source for really good parts at decent prices.

I also know a few people in Montana, but none that I know of who had to run for their lives from a wildfire.

The bike community is lesser because of this loss.

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