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I signed up for the ENY weeks ago; have gotten no info back. Am I supposed to get anything in the mail? (Vest, registration info, anything?) Don't want to wait till the last minute. Any info would be helpful.

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chris o (not verified)

I did the ride last year and I got nothing but when you show up in the morning your name will be on the list and you get your wristband and entered in raffles etc.

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<a href="http://www.OhReallyOreilly.com">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
email them

"[email protected] (address and other info found here:
http://www.nycc.org/rides_eny.shtml )"

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Morene (not verified)
does anyone know???

need info if you can help

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Derek (not verified)

Patience, patience, little one. I haven't received a confirmation either but then I only mailed in the app. late last week.

The ENY is run by volunteers and today, they're probably out marking the route, away for a long weekend, and/or enjoying the nice biking weather. I'm sure someone will get in touch. Should be a fun ride with good swag....!

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Jay (not verified)
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Katie (not verified)

Hey there Morene we were out marking the route today.

You won't have anything mailed to you because we try to keep costs down. All you need to do is just show up next weekend and you'll get everything you need (and maybe some more) at registration.

see you then!

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Morene (not verified)

"Thanks, all! I will be there. Taking a ""dry run"" this Monday on the bear mt. ride...should be a great day! (Have to remember to get my rail pass, though). Enjoy the weather while it lasts...great cycling!"

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Luke (not verified)
Open registration at Sakura Park?

My plans for Saturday just changed allowing me to partcipate in this year's ENY. I tried registering via Active.com but the online registration is now closed.

I'd like to pay by check at the day of the event. Should I make the check payable to NYCC? Lastly, no discounts for NYCC members, right? =D (just checking).

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Katie (not verified)

"Hi Luke,

You can sign up the morning of the event, bring your check made out to NYCC.

Sorry, there aren't any discounts offered for ""day of"" registration, that's our attempt to get people to pre-register. It is unfortunate that it doesn't accommodate those last minute changes in schedules but I'm really glad it isn't deterring you from riding with us anyway! (Think of it as your extra donation to a really good cause or karma points!)


we look forward to seeing you at what is destined to be a great day!


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