Could this be why the cops treat cyclists so badly?

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  • Could this be why the cops treat cyclists so badly?
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Ed (not verified)
Sie Müssen Befolgen!

Die Radfahrer müssen das Gesetz befolgen. Wenn Sie nicht einwilligen, werden Sie zerquetscht!

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Pooonga (not verified)

Yes I meant both. I think this is what flashes throw NYPD's minds when they see any cyclist unfortunately.

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bill vojtech (not verified)

I'm not fond of cops or Critical Mass. Maybe they deserve each other.

One thing I'd like to know: There is a sort of intro section of peaceful protesters. Then the film cuts, then you get a long uninterupted segment of the cops violently arresting a violently resisting protester. I'd like to know what transpired in the cut segment.

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mike (not verified)
or why do bicyclist not like cops

the nypd scooter cop rammed his scooter into this bicyclist on 2nd ave in front of st marks church. the police were using the scooter as battering rams during the rnc. it hurts when your hit by a 200lb scooter. the bicyclist couldn't move since they were blocked in.

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bassonballs (not verified)

Those Critical Mass nut-bags need to be stopped. They're nothing but a bunch of anarchist freaks who do way more harm than good in the name of trying to further the interests of cyclists. Someone please tell them to go away!

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
Unstated cyclists' interests by unnamed & likely inactive person

"What are your ideas to, in your words, ""further the interests of cyclists""?

Please tell us what you have done and are doing to further them.

And please look deep within yourself and see if you can't find the character to identify yourself when you to."

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