Critical Mass

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What is the latest update regarding the parade permit legislation?

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Carol Waaser (not verified)
Nothing yet

The NYPD is supposed to issue a new proposal but we have seen nothing yet. In the meantime, the City Council is considering legislation that would nullify a new rule from the NYPD. We don't have a bill number yet. As soon as we have one, I will post information on contacting your City Council Member to urge passage of the bill.

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Pooonga (not verified)

Is this all just Bloomberg admin or is it NYPD?

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The New York Crank (not verified)
Bloomberg or the NYPD?

The police commissioner retains his job at the pleasure of the mayor. If the mayor doesn't like what the commissioner or his underlings are doing, the commissioner will rapidly find himself searching for work as a freelance security consultant. (See also Kerik, Bernard, Saffir, Howard et. al.)

Therefore, it's ultimately Bloomberg. The buck stops at City Hall, or at Gracie Mansion, or on East 79th off Fifth, or in Bermuda, or wherever the mayor is hanging his hat at any particular moment. Not at Police Headquarters.

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