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"I pulled into the Runcible this morning and was greeted by a 9-month-old baby whose first word had undoubtedly been ""Toga"" and who has learned to recognize the word on water bottles. Mom explained that her husband owned Toga and I joked, ""Really? I need a front derailleur adjustment."" I insisted that it was not urgent, but Dave, owner of Toga, came out and in between bites of breakfast and sips of coffee, spent ten minutes fixing my derailleur and tightening my brake cables while he was at it. This is the same guy who went out of his way to get Colleen a new tire when hers exploded at the Runcible a few weeks ago.

What excellent customer service! In the ongoing debate about the best bike shop, let's keep Toga on the list of contenders.

And FYI, Dave said that Toga intends to soon introduce an emergency roadside assistance program."

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Marcella (not verified)
Seconding the comment

Dave gave me his cell phone number in case I ever had a problem when riding alone. He also spent an hour one rainy day while I waited out a deluge showing me how to repair a chain 'just in case', and he made sure I could use the chain tool properly before I left (with an old chain to practice on).
And, not unimportantly, TOGA on 9W has THE BEST BATHROOM in the county, hands down. Worth the trip just for it.

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Steve (not verified)
toga bike shop

I bought my bike from them and i was very pleased with the way they answered my questions and explained my options to me. The guy (John) spent a good deal of time with me, he even showed me his personal bike and we talked for a while which told me I was more than just another sale to him.


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Vik (not verified)
Where is TOGA on 9W? (nm)
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E-man (not verified)

North of Nyack, before descending down to Rockland State Park.

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Richard Pu (not verified)

During the week, I ride mostly at night in Central Park. For me a headlight is essential-- less to light up the road than to let pedestrians crossing the roadway know that I'm coming. The pedestrians are mostly listening for cars and don't know about the bikes. Try Cateye 410: it's lightweight and can be mounted so that it is under the handlebar, leaving more room on the top.

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Marcella (not verified)
And it gets better - dont forget about this:

They have FREE barbeques every Sunday afternoon starting around noon in their parking lot. You don't have to be a customer of the shop - just a hungry cyclist. And don't forget the great bathroom! Their 9W Road Side Assistance cards should be ready soon.

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