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Looking for a riding partner(s) tomorrow...supposed to be a beautiful, warm day. Like to leave by 9, up Riverside to GW, then it's open...like to do 45-65, but three days in a row after not riding for a week may not want me to do more than 40.

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don montalvo (not verified)
a few of us are meeting at 9:30....

...at engineer's gate (90st+5av?) and heading up to piermont. we're usually back by 1:30pm. we only stop 5-10min for coffee..


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Betsy (not verified)

Hi Morene. My friend and I are heading to Piermont tomorrow - probably around a B17/18 pace. We'll take 501 out, return 501 or 9W depending on how we feel. You're welcome to join us. I live in northern Manhattan so we usually meet at the GWB. Only caveat, I have to be back on NY side of GWB no later than 1pm.

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Morene (not verified)
what time?

What time are you guys meeting at the gwb? If i can get up early I'll meet you...otherwise see you on the road!

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Betsy (not verified)
9am at the north side stairs

Hope to see you there. FYI, Alisa and I tend to linger over our coffee.

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Basil Ashmore (not verified)
A20 - Nyack the hilly way - 11.00 AM

I can't leave until 11.00 AM but call/email if anyone's interested.
Meet at Boathouse but I will probably NOT do this without confirmed company so call/email first!
Basil AT BasilAshmore DOT com
(917) 325-4194 (cell)

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