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"Okay, so I went to court this morning...a little peeved I had to take a day off work (freelancer). Sat for over an hour till it was my turn; saw most tickets being thrown out, but many took a ""guilty"" for 20 bucks. Had every intention of doing so, but JUST COULDN'T KEEP MY BIG MOUTH SHUT. Asked if I could say something...made the mistake of using the word the judge INSISTS I make my plea to a real judge on a real trial day in a real courtroom. ANOTHER DAY OFF WORK. I have kids to support. This sucks, and while it's NOT my fault initially, I have learned a lesson today (after working with litigating attorneys for ONLY 32 years). The system ALWAYS wins, and I should smile sheepishly while taking it up the butt.
Now that I've vented (something I thought I would NEVER do on this site, as I don't like controversy), I'm off to Piermont to show those suckers they can't stop me from enjoying my cycling!

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Bob Ross (not verified)


If the ticket was for running the red light, I don't have any words of wisdom.

However, if it was for ""speeding"" -- i.e., exceeding the unposted and ostensibly indefensible 15mph limit for cyclists -- (and you're looking for another angle should throwing yourself on the mercy of the court and/or patiently awaiting common sense to fall from the sky & strike the judge on the head fail) I humbly offer the following:

(and I only offer this because you've already demonstrated your willingness to speak up in court; this tactic doesn't really work if the system has already beaten the piss&vinegar out of you)

Ask to see the Certificate of Calibration for the radar equipment used to determine your speed at the time of the infraction.

Wait for the magistrate to decide whether it's worth rescheduling your hearing for some time when that document can be made available; they might just dismiss the charges right there. If they *do* reschedule the hearing, then ask also to see documentation verifying the arresting officer's completion of the necessary training required to operate said radar equipment.

In all liklihood the arresting officer will fail to show up to the subsequent hearing; and, if the arresting officer doesn't provide those documents no one else in the court seems to have access to them, or wants to bother retrieving them for a simple moving violation.

Worked for me several times to get out of motor vehicle violations in Massachusetts. All tickets dismissed. Good luck.

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