River Road (maybe Piermont) Mon afternoon B-18+

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  • River Road (maybe Piermont) Mon afternoon B-18+
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exact time TBD. anyone care?

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Claudette (not verified)
Might work for me

About what time?

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Joe (not verified)
Might work for me too

Time, meet-up location? Distance you were thinking of?

I posted earlier today about doing B18 Central Park laps sometime this week. But I'd do River Road if the idea is a quick ride with only a short break (restroom, refill bottles, but not long enough to sit and eat).

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carl (not verified)
will join as well

where/what time?

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carl (not verified)
Boathouse @1:30pm

I'm heading out for a ride up to Piermont area - I'll stop by the boathouse at 1:30 if anyone can make it.

Just to make a loop, I'll head up East Clinton to 501 and come back 9W/River Road. May do Tweed hill as well. (I've been w/o a road bike for a month, so want to give my new steed a test run)

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