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Although i do not currently reside in the 5 boroughs I anticipate relocating to Queens at the start of next season and I am curious if anyone knows of any ongoing time trials conducted during the season. I have seen a few sponsored by Kissena and I know CRCA used to run them in Central park, but my understanding is they discontinued the events.

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Jeff (not verified)

"See the June 10, 2006 event in the 2006 CRCA race schedule.
Also in the tentative 2007 schedule they mention a time trial in June or July for next year."

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Ed (not verified)
Time trials

I believe that there are time trials in Harriman State Park (Bear Mountain), about an hour north of Manhattan. Sanctioned by UCSF?

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fendergal (not verified)

The most recent one at Harriman, the Silvermine TT, was a USCF event. There may be others that aren't.

There are also TT's in New Jersey throughout the season. Check racelistings and bikereg.com for info.

Unfortunately, these all require driving to get to them. CRCA's only TT this year was at Floyd Bennett Field, and you would probably want to drive out there, too.

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