B18 laps in Central Park Mon., Tues., or Wed.?

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  • B18 laps in Central Park Mon., Tues., or Wed.?
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Anyone up for CP laps during the first half of this week? I'm flexible on dates/times. I plan on going 5-6 laps, but if you want to go shorter, that's fine, you can jump off whenever you want (if you want to go longer, I'll try to hang on!). No planned rest stops, so bring fluids and food you can consume on the bike.

Rain or wet roads cancels, but forecast looks decent for all 3 days, with Monday and Wednesday looking the best.

As an aside, if you're looking for a slightly longer ride (~50 miles) outside of the city, there's a B17/18 ride to Piermont that usually takes place on Tuesdays. It's a fun and scenic ride, but you have to contend with red lights, GWB stairs, etc. I may join this if I can't get any takers on the CP circuit.

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Michael (not verified)
Tuesday Piermont B-17/18


I plan to do the Tuesday 9:30 am Piermont ride from Engineer's Gate at 90th street. Do you know if Amy or Margaret are going to lead the group?

Incidentally, how was your long Bear Mountain ride on Saturday?

-- Michael

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Joe (not verified)


Don't know if Amy or Margaret are leading the Tuesday Piermont ride. Ladies, what's the story?

Bear Mtn ride was ~65 miles. We lucked out in that lunch was next to the train station, and just as we were finishing lunch, it started raining, so everyone hopped on the train. If not for the rain, I think the majority of the group was going to ride another 20 miles. All in all, a great ride with a strong turnout - 13 riders! And we managed to stay on pace (the ride was billed as B18+) without dropping anyone. Kudos to Janette and More for planning the route and leading the group.

- Joe

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don montalvo (not verified)
count me in...

...for the tuesday ride.


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