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Does anyone know where the bike path along the Saw Mill River Parkway starts and stops? I am hoping to develop an alternative trip to my usual Rusicble Spoon Coffee run. It looks like there are some nice roads by the Potantico Hills in North Tarrytown

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rick (not verified)
South end starts just before hastings

continues up past route 119, and then I think it is a bit difficult to re find....ihave some directions somewhere. I think north of 119 it becomes the north county trailway leading all the way to Carmel.

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Michael Steiner (not verified)
South/North County Trailway

"The path is called south county trailway. See westchester park service for more information and maps. They are currently extending it south to van cortland park which is not yet documented in above URL; see usenet discussion for more info on this ...


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Hannah (not verified)
cue sheet

"There's a cue sheet here: . I've heard that over the summer the trail was extended southward a bit but haven't yet checked it out. I'll update the cue sheet when I do.


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tom (not verified)
Saw Mill bike path

I use it a lot. From Manhattan, head north on Broadway into Yonkers. In downtown Yonkers veer right and go up North Broadway. At the Yonkers Industrial Park (I don't know the name of the road, but it's the one with the big 'Yonkers' water tower on it), just past Riverside Hospital, turn right. Go down the hill almost to the SMP. Right before it take a left, go about a half mile (think it's Hearst St.- Italian bakery on the corner), take a right and cross the SMP. The path begins just north of the road you crossed onto, about 50 yards north. This will take you to Rt 119 in Elmsford. Here, you exit the path, turn right, and at the light right there turn left. Don't know what road this is- it might be 119, can't recall. But anyway, you have to go on the shoulder for about 1.25 miles and then you'll see a Dunkin Donuts. At the first street after you will take a left (when the light's in your favor only though- busy street), and take that left into another industrial park. Follow the road until it ends, and there, the north county trailway all the way up to Putnam County begins on your right. I did this a few weeks ago and the tornado damage on the route was impressive, from June. Email me if you need more info, sorry I don't have street names better.

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Jim Zisfein (not verified)
Westchester County Trailways

"The path along the Saw Mill is the South County Trailway, route of the ""Old Put"", which begins in the Bronx and continues north of Elmsford as the North County Trailway and Putnam Trail to Carmel.

From the Bronx: enter Van Cortlandt Park at Bailey Ave. or 242 St/Bway and proceed to the golf clubhouse. The trail ROW is marked by tracks on Google Maps.

Pick up the trail just to the left of the clubhouse. It's unpaved but in good condition here and becomes paved across the Yonkers border. There are a few short unfinished sections around bridges in Yonkers.

The trail abruptly ends at Redmond Park where a gravel path on your right leads down to a parking lot next to the ballfield. Follow the park road counter-clockwise to Cook Rd.,+NY&ie=UTF8&om=1&z=17&ll=40.938383...

A few streets, then you're back on the trail. Exiting Redmond Park: L on Cook, BL on Mile Sq. Rd., L on Tuckahoe, 1R on Touissant, and the trail resumes immediately on your left.,+Yonkers,+N...

Except for a mile in Elmsford, you're now clear to Carmel. See this cue sheet for navigation in Elmsford:

Happy trails!


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