Wed B16 saved by Jay Jacobson!

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Thank you sooooo much Jay. You're a real hero.

Hey it looks like you guys have a gorgeous day in store. Climb River Road before the leaves fall on it!

Please sign up here on Tuesday and check back later Tues eve to see if Jay has collected a couple of you to ride tom'w.

This ride leaves at 9.30 from Eleanor Roosevelt statue.

Jay's email address is [email protected], in case you'd like to reach him.

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The Galfromdownunder (not verified)
2 for the road ...

I'm visiting NY for a while and would like to join this ride (although I too should be working).
Are out of towners allowed?
Actually there'll be 1 in-towner: Colleen of and me, Lynette Chiang from Bike Friday,
and maybe a couple of NYC folks from the Bike Friday Club of NY.
Someone warned about hills. Is 6-7% a hill? :o) Guess I better not talk too soon - only have two rings with me...
Thank you!

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Joe (not verified)

Jay, I'm in.

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Jay (not verified)
the ride is definitely on

see you at 72nd & Riverside at 9:30 AM

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