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Hi All,
I am contemplating a move to NJ (Jersy City or Weehawken/Union City). However, I fear I would miss my beloved after-work (not a morning person!) group rides in the Parks. I currently live in Brooklyn, and ride mostly in Prospect Park, but also sometimes in Central Park. My question is, are there any evening fast group rides in the Jersey City/Hoboken/Weehawken area? If so, where do they ride? Thanks very much,

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carl (not verified)
don't know the answer, but

... I've seen groups riding road bikes in Liberty SP.

Also, though I live in Manhattan, I work in NJ and often commute to work by bike. When I do, I'd be open to a post-work ride as you describe.

Also, keep in mind, the Wed. night urban assualt ride (UAR) that occurs in the Fall/Winter, sometimes heads to the NJ side.

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