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Which shops in the NY, maybe NJ area is very goodd at overhauling a bicycle - complete overhaul???


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Carol (not verified)
You'll get lots of debate...

Everyone has their favorite mechanic. I've always been happy with the work done at Sid's on E. 34th St. Zoltan used to be the chief mechanic (fabulous), now it's Darius (also very good). Cost will, of course, depend on what parts need to be replaced.

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Steve (not verified)

Toga did a good job on my bike, though I think it can be hit or miss there.

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Paul (not verified)
Do it yourself

Working on a bike is very straightforward. Chances are that the time it takes you to drop off and pick-up your bike will exceed the time it takes you to do the job yourself.

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Claudette (not verified)
Piermont Cycles

I think it's 110 bucks for an overhaul there. I have heard nothing but good things about them.

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