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A few times while riding in CP, I have narrowly avoided accidents with pedicabs. I am not a fast or reckless rider, so it is not as though I am inviting trouble. They zig zag without looking, while showing off the sights. Can someone tell me where to go to complain about these guys or at least request that they be better trained.

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Joe (not verified)

c'mon, those guys are moving so slowly that avoiding them should be easy. If you want to worry about something in CP, worry about peds suddenly stepping out into the loop without looking in the direction of traffic.

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c (not verified)

peds are easy to avoid, they are predictable. pedicabs are completely unpredictable. they do what they want without regard for anyone.

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george (not verified)

I'm with you, C. And whilst we're at it, can someone see about removing the uphill bits in the park, as they're dreadfully inconvenient as well.

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c (not verified)

i totally agree, ive looked into backhoe rentals,and i think we can get rid of those hills.

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John (not verified)
Lawless Bike-Cabs Sparking Strife In The Streets

"It was only a matter of time before Pedicabs attract unwanted attention of the media


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Mark (not verified)
Should be easy...

but it isn't. Most of these guys pay ZERO attention to what they are doing and
have no concern for anyone else around them (except picking up fares).
Sometimes they aren't moving slowly, especially when they are horseplaying with other pedlicab riders. Sometimes it isn't easy to dodge when there are a pack of riders behind and beside you and one of these guys turns 90 degrees across two lanes without the slightest of warning. I would love to know where to complain about them - they are more of a hazard than some people realize.

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Carol (not verified)
Bicycle Coalition

I'll be attending a meeting of the NYC Bicycle Coalition on Monday. One of the members of the Coalition is a Pedicab organization. I'll raise the issue and see what can be done. In many ways, we're all in this together, so why don't we try to solve this little problem internally rather than go to some city agency that will use it as another excuse to crack down on all cyclists.

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c (not verified)

thank you, that would be appreciated

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Rohtua [email protected] .net (not verified)

this sounds very similar to John Q. public complaining about cyclists,.. regulating them is one solution ;license them so they'd have to abide by laws concerning non-motorized vehicles (if there is one),atleast then you'd have a plate # to write down !!

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Claudette (not verified)
I talked to one of the drivers recently

"I was interested in how much the cab weighs, how many miles they put on, etc.

The bike itself weighs more than 180 lbs. With two passengers, say, at 150 lbs average, that's a staggering 480 pounds of cargo! He told me they ask about $60 for a ride around the lower loop. This guy told me he may do four or five rides on a good day. The cabs cost about $5000.

Apparently there is a ""caste"" system among the pedicabbers. He told me there are a bunch of guys who buy their cabs from a Turkish knock-off company and charge less than the others. He also told me that he is thinking of quitting since the number of pedicab drivers has tripled in the last year.

These guys are just trying to make a living and they are doing pretty hard physical work in doing it. I think it's their sheer numbers which are frustrating for us recreational cyclists in the Park.

I am interested to learn what we Carol hears at this meeting.


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don montalvo (not verified)
no licensing for pedicabs?
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Jim N (not verified)
Peter Meitzler

Peter Meitzler is the guy behind Manhattan Rickshaw. He's a bike activist and pretty nice guy. I'm sure if you got in touch and voiced your complaint directly it would not be ignored.

I agree that the pedicabs can be annoying, but better 10 pedicabs and a gaggle of pedestrians than 1 motor-cab.

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Debbie Rothschild (not verified)
pedicabs in bike lane

If there is any way to communicate with those responsible for pedicabs I would very much like to clarify where they are supposed to be on the lower loop during the day when the park is closed to traffic other than on the lower loop. I often find myself pushed into oncoming auto traffic by pedicabs taking up the entire recreational lane. It seems they should be with the carriages not with the bikes. Their presence in the rec lanes is annoying and dangerous. They stop for their passengers to take photos, they are way too slow for even a casual cyclist to ride behind and the only way around them is to risk being hit by a taxi.

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Pooonga (not verified)

I ran into one head on last weekend as he made a u-turn right in the middle of the road. Bent my right shifter and went face first into his chest! He just stared at me and then pulled over. Never apologized or anything.

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David (not verified)
Pedicabs in Central Park

I was doing laps in the park about 1:00PM today. Nice day, few joggers, peds, etc. I got to the lower loop and found myself behind two pedicabs that had come to a dead stop in the recreation lane side by side, both on Cell phones. I had a choice of stopping and hoping there was no one behind me or crashing into an SUV on the right. I chose the former.

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mike (not verified)

i was speaking to one of the year round drivers, he was saying the conscientious year round ones want legislation. In the warmer months they are overrun with drivers that have no clue on proper road safety and interacting with other users of the road.
i wish we could do the same with vehicle drivers

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hal eskenazi (not verified)

just think of pedicabs as cabs [even if not yellow] they have they same training.
cut off & maie at any cost but get that fare and it all goes down hill form there

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