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I'm seeking the knowledge of the experienced NYCC community. Is there a DIRECT and SAFE way to get from Manhattan to Port Chester. I looked in the ride library, and found ways to get from NYC to Mamaroneck, but its not exactly direct. I was curious if anyone has experience on the east side of the bronx / westchester without just hopping on US 1. If US1 is the only way the proverbial you would recommend, does anyone have a way they feel comfortable getting to it from CP?

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bill vojtech (not verified)

Personally, I'd take Metro North, either to Port Chester or an earlier station if you want to get a few more miles in.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Safe & Direct? On a Bike?

Check out Spencer's Pound Ridge to White Plains in the Ride Library under Westchester/CT. It will get you to King Street in 32 miles.

I am not crazy about the Grand Concourse but if you are careful and do it early in the day you will probably be okay. However, if you combine the start of my route, Pound Ridge, Brewster 2, also in Westchester/CT with Spencer's route above, you will circumvent the Grand Concourse via the GCBP, AKA Grand Concourse Bypass, which should be safer.

Get a Hagstrom Map of Lower Westchester and review the directions.

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carl (not verified)
best route

Done this several times, and it's really not bad:
Manhattan West side to Broadway, right on 207th Street.
Across Fordham Rd (The most challenging mile of the route, given the traffic congestion). Then across Pelham Parkway (bike path) to Shore Road (very nice) and Pelham Road which merges into US 1/Post Rd in New Rochelle. US 1 in Westchester is not that bad - actually more congested from Port Chester into CT. Only 36 miles from CP to Stamford using this route.

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Jon (not verified)

As a long time Bronxite-I second this route. definitely the quickest one to get you out of the city sprawland into some quiet roads along shore road.

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Jay (not verified)
The B ride which Tonya & Reggie led earlier this month

went from Van Cort Pk area thru lower Westchester, Harrison/Purchase/Rye to King St on Greenwich CT border before crossing Westch East to West thru Valhalla. Maybe they still have the turn sheet or know how you could get it.
There were no auto problems such as Rte 1 Boston Post Rd, etc.

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