Sound Cyclist Westport Ride 9/24

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Thinking about doing the metric century. B18 pace... Any interest?


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Barbara (not verified)
i was interested...

...until I saw the cost.
$50 seems to me to be a bit dear for a 62 mile ride....even a beautiful one.

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Ron (not verified)

Did not realized that what it costs . . . I assume it is going to a good cause.

If you are really pressed, I doubt they would turn you away if you gave them $25 . . . just a thought.

Anyway, I plan to do this subject to weather . . . they are rain or shine, but I am not.

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Harvest Rides

I've done the Harvest Rides century several times, but the 100-mile option doesn't seem to be a choice this year.

I don't know why this ride isn't more popular among New Yorkers, considering the great crowds who turn out every May to the Bloomin' Metric.

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