200K NYC Brevet on October 15

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For a post-ENY challenge consider this RUSA Brevet.....starting and ending at Riverbank Park with what promises to be a beautiful autumn route.

From Laurent Chambard of NJ Randonneurs.......

This new route includes completely new sections over Bear Mountain, and to/from Monroe, on top of sections already familiar to our veterans of the NYC Populaire and NJ600. Although there is a good bit of climbing, gradients are mostly very reasonable. I believe this is the least difficult 200 out of the 4 events we have been running this year at that distance.

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Ellen (not verified)
contact info

For more ride info you can contact:
[email protected]

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Sunday's weather looks good

This 200 is different from last year's. It doesn't go through Greenwood Lake. It includes more miles in Harriman, including Arden Valley Rd.

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