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What would you do if you saw a cop parked in and blocking the bike lane? I see this ALL the time on the 1st ave . bike lane. Either they park in it to run in an grab a pizza or the traffic cop parks in it to ticket OTHER cars who are parked in the bike lane or they park there while they walk down the block ticketing cars. I have yelled at them one but what would YOU do? I think reporting them would be a waste of time?

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April (not verified)
How about a mock ticket an orange envelope on their windshield?

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (nm)
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mike (not verified)
you saw traffic cops ticketing bike lane violators?

take a picture of the police vehicle with the plate number.
we could make a flicker pool of the bike lane offenders.
than when these senile judges cant understand why bicylcist are not traveling in bike lanes, refer them to the non enforcement.
if you want to work for change, this group uses humor and non confrontational tactics to free the bike lanes.
next bike lane liberation ride is Oct 21 2pm Washington square park

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Etoain Shrdlu (not verified)
A bunch of clowns if you ask me

"Yeah, I watched the video.

They dressed like clowns, they acted like menaces.

Any rider who was simply using the bike lane to get from A to B would have been forced out into traffic (and danger) to get past these obnoxious clowns. And they were blocking traffic that wasn't necessarily using the bike line, in effect punishing the guilty with the innocent.

""You can't convert people to your cause by pissing them off. I'm a perfect example of that. Ready,aim...""
-Pelcz the Firing Squad Commander

Your Pal,
Etoain Shrdlu"

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tony (not verified)

I am going to start posting their photos. Do with them what you will/can! These cops are turds!

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mike (not verified)
already a flickr group

i just searched flicker there is a group called Cars in Bike Lanes (NYC) you can add your pictures there it is a open group

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Rich (not verified)

"Pg. 33 of the City's ""Joint Report"" on ""Bicyclist Fatalities and Serious Injuries in New York City"" which was released last week, has a recommendation at the bottom, under the heading ""Investigation and Enforcement:""

""Continue [sic] enforcement of laws against motorists who are parked or driving in a bicycle lane.""

Ok, please stop laughing so I can finish this post.

To recommend ""continuing"" enforcement assumes that there's any enforcement occuring at all. I don't see it on St. Nicholas or Seaman Ave. in northern Manhattan. It would be interesting to see data on what percentage of parking tickets issued in the city are for parking in bike lanes (or double parking, I rarely see tickets for that either, even though it's a major contributor to traffic congestion).

Of course, NYPD should be embarrassed that a report costing millions of dollars and much staff time should have to point out such an obvious recommendation: enforce the law against parking in bike lanes.


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April (not verified)
Double parked cars.

"""It would be interesting to see data on what percentage of parking tickets issued in the city are for parking in bike lanes (or double parking, I rarely see tickets for that either, even though it's a major contributor to traffic congestion).""

I've actually seen that happening, a police in the process of writing up a ticket for a doubled parked car.

However, I'm not sure there's solution. 90% of those double-parked cars' drivers were running into the store to make a delivery for no more than one or two min. So, it's really hard for the cops to catch them. More often than not, the driver came back before the ticket was actually finished, and drove away.

That doesn't make it right to park there. But it does make it hard to enforce.

The real problem with parking is the density in the city. There's simply not enough parking in the street. I live ON 72nd. The street is metered. But 50% of the time, I can't find a parking spot, even after circling the block 3 times, to unload my bikes and luggage from my out of town trips. In the end, I had to double park in order to dump my stuff at the lobby.

What they really should do is to make half the block loading zone only, at least during the day. That way, maybe half of the double parked cars can find space to stop properly for loading and unloading."

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Tony (not verified)

I hate double parking BUT you can still double park and not block the bike lane. People try to park as far over as they can when they double park like that makes it ok but cars still cant use that lane. All they have to do is just park only in the car lane and stop parking in the bike lane also trying to pretend thay are not breaking the law or that they are not impeding traffic since they only blocked 1/2 of a car lane! Use ya heads people!

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