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OK -

I am on the verge of buying a new wheelset. I currently ride Shimano WH-R550's (reported 1854g), and am looking to upgrade but not break the bank. Rode a loaner bike with Mavic Open Pro's and Ultegra's that spun up really nice, so I am thinking of a new set. I am looking for durability and weight (there apparently is a slight dent in the rear wheel...).

Anyway - I am torn between:

Mavic Ksyrium Equipe (1840g)
Mavic Ksyrium Elite (1732)
Neuvation R28 SL2 (1530g)
Ultegra/Mavic CXP-33/DT Double Butted Custom(2000g)

So - the price points on these are all pretty reasonable, but the questions I have are the following:

- Neuvations: I know some folks on the online review boards have reported some noise issues and needing of 'technical support.' Does anyone have these? What are your experiences?

- Mavic Ksyrium Equipes or Elites: Is this worth it or am I just paying for a name and the TDF car? Does the stiffness come through in the feel and handling?

- Ultegra/Mavic CXP-33 Custom: Any sense if the durability/service-ability is worth the weight increase?

Thoughts and experiences welcomed - Thanks!

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don montalvo (not verified)

"wow...overstock sale price is $299 - get'em while they last!. nearly all 19 reviews scored 5 out of 5 on road bike review. light and inexpensive...they look good too. :)

i haven't had any bad experiences with my neuvation r350 wheels (older, heavier and discontunued). neuvation offers great support - email the company and the owner responds pretty quickly.


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John Miller (not verified)

I have had the R28 SL2's for almost 2,000 miles. I've raced them throughout the summer.

No complaints about durability so far; they've stayed true while I've hit my share of holes/plates/ruts racing and training. I weigh 170, for reference. The wheels come with no set weight limit, and with 24/28 spokes I can't imagine there really is one.

No servicing needed as of yet, and I don't do my own repairs. But they seem to be a very standard design, the hubs have sealed bearings and there are two extra spokes included of each size used.

At $299 per set, there's very little room for buyer's remorse. They've been very fuss-free for me.

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Greg Faber (not verified)
I second this opinion

I have these wheels and have hit some major freaking bumps and have put 4000 miles on em, look cool, go fast, no issues to report. Plus, when I bought them, I wsa emailing with the owner of the company, call me kooky but it kinda feels nice to not be dealing with some trans-national corporation.

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Joe (not verified)
Call Mike Ergott

He builds some incredible wheels out in Bayport. I have some with Tune Hubs, Velocity rims and DT Aerolite spokes. Still true after 1,500 miles. Good luck.


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bill (not verified)

Ditto. He built great wheels for my fixed gear.

BTW I have Am Classic 350's for my road bike and I love them too. www.amclassic.com

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
I believe Ergott is Eric Gottesman

"Maybe you're confusing him with Mike Garcia?"

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bill (not verified)

Right. His name's Eric Gottesman not Mike Ergott.

The url is right (http://www.ergottwheels.com)

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Raúl García De Mateo (not verified)

Of the wheels you mention, the neuvations are by far the best deal, value, riding quality, etc...

John Nuegent, the owner, responds personally to questions and support issues.

I own a pair of R28 SL2's and love them.

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JP (not verified)
Neuvation R28 v. Mavic Ksyrium

Aside from price, how do the R28 SL2s compare to the Sls or ESs?

I read that aside from the Ks being a slight bit stiffer, they are about equal. Except for price.

Any one have any comparison experience or knowledge?

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Keith (not verified)

ESs are lighter then the SLs and the Neuvations. Take a look at

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