2006 Bontrager Race X Lite -vs- 2006 Mavic Ksyrium ES

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"Hi everyone,

I'm upgrading my bike wheel set.

To make a long story short - I'm still undecided on whether I should get a pair of Bontrager Race X-Lite wheelset or a pair of Mavic Ksyrium ES wheelset.

Can anyone out there give me some advice on how these 2 wheelset perform base on your experience of owning a pair.



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whoselaughing (not verified)
Ksyrium ES

I've had these for almost a year now. Strong, light, excellent lateral stiffness. I ride them all the time and have yet to have them go out of true.

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DvB (not verified)
Campy Eurus

Best quality hubs of the bunch; similar weight, stiffness and price. No need for rim tape makes their effective weight slightly less than advertised.

Gorgeous wheels.


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Christophe (not verified)

i agree- i jsut got these a few months ago- my previous wheels where Ksyrium SL's. these are fantastic wheels, and they roll soooo smoothly. not sure about durability yet, but they're still true true true after two months of abuse...

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)


Agree that the Campy pre-builts are the dog's bollocks.

BTW, how are you liking the compact experiment?

- Christian

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DvB (not verified)
I'm basically sold on it

"So far, so good. There's no way I could have finished the road race stage in the Green Mountain Stage Race without the compact gearing (or like a 32 in the rear). I thought I might switch it back, but I think I'm going to keep it as is. You're 100% correct about the slightly increased chain-cross phenomenon, but I haven't found it troublesome. On the flats I tend to use the 50/16 (+/- 1 in the rear) combination, which basically means the chain is dead straight most of the time.

One real plus is that with my Campy setup, I didn't need to get a ""compact"" front derailleur. My old one works perfectly. In fact, I really don't notice any difference at all in shifting quickness, which surprises me. I've heard that non-compact Shimano front changers don't work nearly as well with compact cranks. Not sure why there'd be a difference, but apparently there is.

Anyway, I guess my 2005-vintage, very-good-condition Campy Chorus crankset (53/39; 175mm) is for sale . . .


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An anonymous cow! (Christian Edstrom) (not verified)

Glad to hear it's working for you!

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Raúl García De Mateo (not verified)

Mavic Ksyrium. No contest.

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