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If you lost you biking glasses at the Boat House past Saturday morning, I have them. Mention brand name and rim color and list an email I can reach you at.

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Claudette (not verified)
Chris Gianni

He was looking for his specs this saturday... He thought he lost them en route from the subway.

[email protected]

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Chris Gianni (not verified)

Hi Sam, I lost my Bolle' shades with yellow lens Saturday morning. :)

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don montalvo (not verified)
am i the only one...

...who lost oakleys (on walnut about a month ago) but was lucky enough to have them returned by a club rider who did the same route later in the evening? :)

i've since then put my name/cell info on my oakleys incase they disappear.


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Sam AA (not verified)

Alright Chris, you are in luck :)
I can't use my personal email from work so I will email you once I get home.
I am doing the Cold Spring ride next Saturday (9:00 at the Boat House.) I can give it back to you at that time.
If time is not good, I work in downtown Manhattan... we can meet.
I'll shot you an email late evening.

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Chris G (not verified)

Thanks Sam! It's my lucky day! I will meet you at the boathouse next Sat.

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