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Golden Apple ride this year was amazing... great routes.

Would someone be willing to put the various routes (50, 75, 100, 125?) in the library? I would post the 75mi, but lost my que sheet (twice).

I would definitely do the 75mi again sometime before next yr's event.


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af (not verified)
In the first place, that would be unethical.

In the second place, routes like that don't work without the ad hoc rest stops, which are provided only as part of the fundraiser ride.

In the third place, substantial parts of those routes are included in many rides already in the club library or the SIG routes.

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Ron Torok (not verified)
unethical . . . you got me..

Actually, my real plan was to sell copies on the internet for $5 a piece -- FOILED AGAIN!!!

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Betsy (not verified)

Why is this unethical? I believe the routes change every year and the cue sheets are only released on the day of the event.

Ron, I think it's a great idea (although I do agree with af that without the rest stops it could be challenging as I didn't see any convenience stores). I have the 25- and 50-mile cue sheets. Really wonderful riding.

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April (not verified)
Here's what I think

"""Why is this unethical? ""

For the only reason you didn't research it yourself. Plus the cue sheet is for YOUR use only.

Keep the cue sheet and use it yourself. Trade it with others who rode a different route. I'm sure it's fine and people do it any way.

But to publish it on our library is stretching it.

If anyone has the right to publish it, it should be the Westchester club, not NYCC!

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Betsy (not verified)
Good points...

...but you're assuming I'm looking for credit, which I'm not. I'd just like to share a wonderful ride with other people. I'm happy to credit the WCC and/or ask their permission to publish it.

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
I doubt the WCC would allow it

Does the NYCC put the Escape New York route in the cue sheet library? (Rhetorical question.) There are good reasons not to make the route of an organized club century available in this way.

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April (not verified)
I think (again)

At the minimum, you should ask their permission AND credit WCC for it.

But really, as pointed out earlier, many of the nicest segment of the routes are already in our library. And personally, I think some of the routes in our library is actually better, because we don't have to start and end at the same Metro North station.

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Benedict de Espinosa (not verified)
Not unethical.

Ron, Betsy

Still sounds like a good idea. At best one could ask the Westchester club for permission or their blessing(?). There are tons of cue sheets on the internet covering the tri-state area.

Cool runnings.

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