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"Folks, I was paused at the Golden Apple Century (Westchester Co.) today and someone suggested I let you know about my movie presentation this coming Saturday (Jewish holiday, I know). I've tried in vain for 3 years to present to your club (Cuba in 2004, then Peru in 2005, then Route66 in 2006) with no luck - timing always seems to be the issue. So the very least I can do is point you to where I'll be doing my shtick this year, in case you are interested in seeing a biking movie.

Duration 57 minutes
103 Prince Street, New York, NY 10012
TIME: 3:00pm. Afterwards we will probably get together and eat.
STORE PHONE: (212) 226-3126
RSVP: Lynette Chiang, lynchiang at yahoo dot com, 541-513-7711 (cell)

--begin spiel--

The ""Mother Road"" of all highways, Route66, was once a 2,400-mile journey over national trails and farm roads linking Chicago to California.
By the mid 1930s it was completely paved, and became famously known as the classic American road trip. Then the I-40 freeway came long, bypassing many colorful towns and businesses which were left to languish and die. Thanks to efforts by 'never say die' of fans of the Old Road, Route66 was re-born.

Author, world bicycle traveler and handlebar videographer Lynette Chiang (The Galfromdownunder) shot a 45-minute DVD video of this journey using a simple digital camera tucked into her jersey pocket. The movie was made on a 12"" Apple Powerbook using basic Apple software.

This video is an upbeat journey along the 'forgotten highway', led by Race Across America bicycling legend and fan of Route66, Lon Haldeman, experiencing the people, places and chocolate malt milkshakes that made this highway great.

More info:
Galfromdownunder website:

--end spiel--

Last year, ""16,000 Feet on a Friday"", my digi camera epic about biking the world's highest paved road with the aforementioned Lon Haldeman, was voted Audience Choice at the Boston Bike Film Fest. and featured in 'Rugged Individualists'. There's a 94% chance I'll be showing this movie on October 4 at 6.30pm, same place. I'll let you know.

Why the Apple Mac Store? This movie was entirely 'MADE ON A MAC'. I'll give a brief technical description of each film, both
edited and produced on an Apple 12"" Powerbook G4 notebook computer using iLife '05. The Soho theater is also an extremely civilized venue especially if we can outnumber the iPod addicts cruising the aisles.

BTW a group of us Friday folk will be doing a 20 mile mosey to the Little Red Light House prior to the show, and you're welcome to join us if riding with little wheels doesn't cramp your style. Details are on along with other east coast showings of the Route66 movie.

Email me if you want to come so I can look out for you. Sorry for the longish post.

Lynette Chiang - aka The Galfromdownunder

PS If you can stand more bedtime reading here's this Aussie's take on your town circa 2005:
I'll be loitering with intent in your city for about 3 weeks this time - who knows what I can add to this diatribe for newbies to NY!


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Jim (not verified)
cjbc 10/16/06

cant wait to see you at the cjbc meeting in october. Have been visiting your web site and you surely have been doing some interesting journeys. If you ever want to do some rides in NJ, let me know. Some interesting riding in somerset, hunterdon, and mercer countys

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The Galfromdownunder (not verified)
Riding in NJ

Thanks for being a peach. Can't see how to reply to you directly so apologies to anyone reading for this 1:1 reply. I believe CJBC member/BF Club of NY leader Ben Blum has me lined up to do club rides on the 14th, 15th, and then the presentation on the 16th. I put them here: - with the exception of the apparently members-only ride on the Sunday - somehow I weasled in. Make sure you come up and disclose your identity!

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Route 66 movie

"I was there at Time's Up! when Lynette (Galfromdownunder) screened the movie of her trip to Peru with Lon Haldeman. It was a very memorable film, well-worth seeing.

So go see this, and you'll still have time to have a bite and, if you're so inclined, catch the last 4 hours of Warhol's ""Empire"" at MoMA. I assure you, you'll be able to follow the plot even without seeing the first half.

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The Galfromdownunder (not verified)
Biking the Highest Paved Road video Oct 4, 6.30pm

"This post is for folks interested in biking movies (Route66 and Peru), Bike Friday, Galfromdownunder (who?) loiterings, jointly or severally.


Thank you to the folks who came to my Route 66 screening at the Soho Mac Store - thank you Mordecai especially for your boundless enthusiasm (and where do I get a cool name like that? Gonna google its origins). I hope people left with more interest in using the movie feature of their digi camera. Just make sure a) you have it on a lanyard around your neck and b) if using it on a long ride or humid conditions, stow it in an easy-to-grab pouch on a waist strap rather than in the jersey pocket, to avoid condensation building up on the camera.

The Apple store even let us bring our bikes - well, the Bromptons and Bike Fridays - upstairs.

For Wednesday Oct 4, I am returning to the same place showing my Biking the Highest Paved World (Peru) 6.30pm. I hope some of you will come.
WHERE: Soho Mac Store, 103 Prince Street, New York, NY 10012
TIME: 6:30 pm
STORE PHONE: (212) 226-3126
COST: Free, but a donation for the Peruvian Orphanage
greatly appreciated. The money is spent directly on the 85 kid's needs by Lon Haldeman. Last year he bought them a rotary tiller. Though I think the kids were more jazzed by the Spongebob pj's ...
This movie won Boston Bike Film Festival audience choice last year as shown here.

For Central Jersey folks I'll be showing Route66 by Bicycle and joining a couple of your club rides Oct 14, 15. All work and no play leads to being dropped!

*** MON OCT 16: ROUTE 66 @ Central Jersey Bike Club, Edison, NJ

WHERE: Stelton Community Center on Plainfield Ave. off Route 27 in Edison, NJ.
More info
TIME: 7:30 pm
RSVP: Ben Blum, 609-655-0979 (h), 732-829-2552 (cell), [email protected]

Other dates

Please let me know if you would like to come so I can look out for you. Thanks again for making me feel welcome over here.

Lynette Chiang
Bike Friday Adventurette
Cell: 541-513-77


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