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Hey All,
I did my first ride to Nyack this weekend. I think it was 9W all the way North, past Piermont to Nyack. The ride there was cake but the hills crushed me on the way back. Any suggestions for a flatter route to/back to Nyack???

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An anonymous cow! (Christian Edstrom) (not verified)

Flattest way back is 501. Only one hill (of your choosing) to get back up from Tenafly. But that hill still isn't that fun. I personally think Walnut is the easiest.

- Christian

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David C. (not verified)

Many do prefer 501 back, but you get the hill at the end (I like Walnut too).

An alternative -- if you want flat -- is to ride the River Rd. to Piermont from Nyack, then climb to 9W, and get your hill out of the way more toward the beginning/middle.


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Evan Marks (not verified)
the flattest hill

The Irv Weisman route (he hated hills) - Jones Rd, from Palisade Av in Englewood to Main St in Ft Lee. You then have to deal with the traffic, the cellphone-jaywalkers, and the liklihood of getting doored on Main St, but hey.

You can find it on google maps.

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Irv's route
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Mathias (not verified)

I never did the Nyack ride but I'm looking to do it. What are the approx grades and lengths of the hills?

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
It depends on your route! (nm)
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J (not verified)

Resources has regional hill grades.

If you take RSD to the GWB, you have RSD rollers.

165 to Ft. Wash is about .1 mile at 8.4% -ONLY ONE BLOCK!

Going north on 9W is not so bad - rollers, nothing killer. There are two major desents: St. Line and Rockland Rd. into Piermont (the Tallman Park Rd - you can continue on 9W to Ferdon avoid this. Or continue on 9W or take Tweed - later).

Coming back, Rockland Rd - Tallman is about .4 mile and almost 7%.

St. Line is about .6 mile about 5.6 %.

9W is my choice back and forth - with maybe Alpine Hill (River Rd) on the way there at just over a mile and just over 7%.

You could do 501 - it is flat until the climb back up to 9W and the GWB.

Any way you go, you have to decend to Piermont/Nyack and climb to GWB. 9W has more hills and rollers and is a better workout than 501.

Also, 501 goes through towns, streets, lights, stop signs, cross traffic, turning vehicles, malls, shoppers. 9W is a highway with a large shoulder and many many cyclists, esp on weekends. A few lights, but the chances of a bike-motor vehicle incident is much less than 501. And the ride is nearly continiuous, with few if any stops, unlike 501.

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Jay (not verified)
to make Walnut even easier

turn left at Cedar, the street before Walnut.
When Cedar ends in a few blocks turn right, then left on Walnut--you'll have a break from climbing while you are traversing between Cedar & Walnut

The fact is that Piermont is at one (sea?) level and the bridge is a hundred or two hundred feet higher so one way or another you have to get that altitude.

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don montalvo (not verified)
may as well make the final climb short...

...and climb booth at the end. i can say that now since i replace my 11x23 with a 12x25. ;)


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Claudette (not verified)
You people are awesome

That you take the time to map out these routes, check the grades of the hills and elevations... THANK YOU. Really, you do everyone such a service. I would be lost forever if I had to figure this out for myself.

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