BMX track?

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I don't have a BMX, I'm thinking cyclocross if its not too crowded.



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John Miller (not verified)

"BMX may now be an Olympic sport, but that hasn't yet translated to venues or support for adult riding. Need evidence? Look no further than:

Cyclocross, on the other hand, does attract a grown-up, but no less lunatic, fringe. It's a cycling discipline with nearly a century of European heritage, whose techniques of portage (dismounting and hand-carrying the bike over an obstacle) and features (short hills too steep to ride; ruts, low fencing) mirror the necessity of their source. The first races ""crossed"" cratered roads and trench-scarred fields in the aftermath of World War I.

There are two main 'cross venues in the region, neither of them in the city:

Augusta, NJ --

and eastern L.I. --

a complete listing of events here --

I haven't done it myself -- never having played in the mud much even as a kid -- but devotees will swear to its conditioning value, welcoming atmosphere and its sheer fun.

Local racing clubs (CRCA or Kissena) have members going to some or all these events. If you show more than a passing interest, it's worth it to become a member of one of them as well as, of course, the NYCC. Come back and tell us, convert us all!"

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