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Anyone going up to the Gimbels ride tomorrow?
I'm meeting @ Mad/125 8:15

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Steve Wilson (not verified)
Santa Barbara Bike Club Member looking for your story


I'm The Cycling Diabetic. I cycle in Santa Barbara County, the same roads where Lance trains, and I'm looking for cycling stories. (Yea, there's a picture of Lance zooming by my neighborhood...) Comments and suggestions are welcome on my site. There's a link to send me an email if you don't want to ""register"" to comment.

If you have any cycling tales you'd like to share, personal experiences, feelings, motivations, what got you started cycling, why you cycle, what you feel about cycling, how it's changed your life, altered your life, done for your health, helped your relationship with your significant other by cycling together, improved your outlook on life, etc. etc. etc., email me your story and, chances are, you'll see it posted when I can get to it.

This blog is just getting started, so there's not much up there yet. Tailwinds (My club) was kind enough to send me a Lance photo, which has drawn a lot of interest. If you have photo's or stories to share, go ahead and share, don't be shy.

Feel free to forward this email to other cyclists, or bike clubs, too...beginners or pros! I'm looking for stories of how cycyling has impacted everyone's life!


Steve Wilson

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Steve Wilson (not verified)
Santa Barbara Cyclist looking for cycling stories...OOPS!

"OOPS! Looks like I posted that first message as a ""response"" rather than a ""new"" message. My apologies! I'm not sure if I'm going to piss anyone off if I post again, so, I won't!


Steve Wilson"

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don montalvo (not verified)
mention vbulletin...

...and this post'll be removed. :) then you can repost as a separate thread. ;)


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