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Please check the board Saturday morning. Right now we're at a 40% chance of rain. Will make a decision by 7am tommorrow.

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Sizzler (not verified)
Ride moved to 10AM - We're on!!!

In an attempt to avoid the morning rain, we'eve moved the ride back to 10AM - See you soon. Happy riding!!!

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David C (not verified)
Thank you!

Just a quick thank you to Harry and Matt for a great ride today. The route went over some familiar roads, but they are fantastic roads (and there were some new ones too) -- making for a really nice loop that definitely should be added to the ride library. And the food stop at Matt's house was the best during-ride food stop I've experienced! (thanks, Matt, to your wife, too!) You all can't take credit for the unexpectedly nice weather, but you sure did put together a great way of taking advantage of it!

David C.

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Sam AA (not verified)

Thank you Matt for the great ride and the great food your wife kindly prepared for the group.

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