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All you early morning riders:
I set my alarm for 5:25AM in order to get up, dressed, breakfasted, and to the park for a 6:00am start. Unfortunately, the alarm wakes my wife too, and then she can't get back to sleep. I bought a vibrating silent alarm which vibrates under my pillow so as to not wake her, but she feels it and wakes up anyway. Anyone have any other suggestions?
Thanks, Rob

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Claudette (not verified)
Rising early

Speaking as someone who rises early daily for work, it's rough to be with a partner with a different sleep schedule. There's no good way to do this unless you sleep in a separate room or bed whe you plan to wake up early.

Even if your alarm is silent and does not rouse your spouse, your getting dressed and breakfasted might. I'm sure you've discussed this with your wife; what does she suggest?

Does this really bother her? Is it more than the wake-up call? Does she resent your having a hobby that does not include her? Hal's response is spot-on. Perhaps your inclusion of her in your training might make her less uncomfortable with your early workouts. Even if she's a slower cyclist than are you, you will win BIG points if you take her out in the mornings with you at least once in a while and ride at HER pace.

It could be fun.

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Kind of silly but works for me (not verified)

I don't need an alarm, all I do is drink ridiculous amounts of water the evening before and my bladder is a sure shot to get me up in the morning. This technique always works within about 15 minutes of my indended wake up time and usually gets me to the park on time.

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Paul (not verified)

I stopped using the alarm clock and started using the alram on my watch as it's not as loud.
If you find yours is still too loud, put it in the nighstand and close the drawer or under the bed

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Soleil Sunrise Alarm Clock

Good luck. If this doesn't work you might have to sleep on the couch.

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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
easier said then done for NYkers

If you routinely get enough sleep each day, and go to bed at a consistent time, you will wake up without the need of an alarm clock.

This means not waiting until you are drop dead tired before going to sleep. If all else fails, and you are restless before sleep, then you need to get busy with your wife and make that mattress smile. That will help all for sure.

If you get busy-before-bed often enough, with some (bad?) luck to put the puck past the goalie, 9 months or so from now, I guarantee you, above all else, neither you nor your wife will need an alarm clock to wake up at 5:25 am.

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Jonathan (not verified)
it's a problem

I set my watch alarm, which is barely loud enough for me to hear (though I am usually awake waiting for it anyway). I set up everything I will need out in the LR the night before so I don't make much noise getting ready (not grinding the coffee beans at 5:20 AM is a good strategy).
Letting your wife sleep in once in a while while you take the kids out etc is another nice way of balancing things, when possible. Works for me (usually). Then there's always the couch...

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hal eskenazi (not verified)
new concept

get your wife into cycling.

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hal eskenazi (not verified)
new concept

get your wife into cycling.

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1 (not verified)

or get a new wife...

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tom (not verified)
i think...

put the puck in the goal...

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rob (not verified)
thanks anyway

Thanks for all your suggestions. My wife already does bike, and we do ride together, but not at 5:30 am. The puck has passed the goalie many times, and we now have 3 kids who (thankfully) sleep till 7. So the wife has to stay home to watch the kids, even if she did want to ride early. Her suggestion is for me to hit the couch, and I may just try that.
BTW,I find it interesting that there were not more ideas or solutions. I would have thought this a very common problem. I guess I just have a wife who is a very light sleeper.....

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Sue Foster (not verified)
Have you tried . . .

. . . the alarm on your watch? I use the one on my casio watch. Not as loud as an alarm clock. If you're quick to hit the button, she may not hear it.

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T. (not verified)
Oh, just yield

I have the same problem, and we don't have a second room where I can camp. So, to be fair, I don't do rides that require earlier than 6am rising, and the rides for which I do need to get up at 6, I do only a few times a year. Thus, I do get to have my hobby, and the wife gets her weekend rest.

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April (not verified)
Maybe it's not just the alarm?

"Some people are light sleepers. My mom is one of them.

It doesn't matter whether we use the alarm or not, or even if my dad or I just get up to go to the bathroom, she would wake up and then had a hard time going back to sleep. We've resorted to not flushing the toilet and all that...

Yes, it's a ""common"" problem, but not exactly. ;o) My other half just sleep through everything, whether in bed, in a car, or even sitting on the couch! When the fire alarm went off, it was a some very interesting situation...

Me, I'm a light sleeper but I fall back to sleep just as quickly as I wake up.

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Neile (not verified)
I remember, from a early James Bond movie, a wristwatch ...

"... that had a ""T""-shaped stem which would extend from the base, rotate and tactilely, silently stimulate the wrist to awaken the wearer.

Searched. Couldn't find it. If anyone else can remember it ...


Got it.

It was from the 007 spoof ""In like Flint"" with James Coburn:

""I saw something like this in the 1967 spy film spoof ""In Like Flint."" James Coburn is sleeping prone between the edges of two chairs at his head and feet with his arms crossed like a vampire. He is awoken by his wristwatch alarm, two thin shafts with little balls at the tips that extend out from the dial face and gently rock back and forth tapping on his wrist."""

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rob (not verified)

"You guys are great. Thanks for all your help. I""m going to try to track down one of these watches.

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