LBS did me an injustice or my fault, Thoughts??

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I left my Road bike at the LBS (name left off) for a quick tune up and to fix the noise I heard in my rear gearings. I assummed it was the rear wheel hub.

In any case I new I would need a new Bottom bracket as some point. The LBS replaced my Ultegra BB with a 105.
My set-up WAS full Ultegra before they swapped it. If I realized that the BB was really gone then I would have made a decision on a NEW crankset, perhaps FSA Compact or similar.
Of course they feel it is the same except for weight and they saved me some $$$.

Should I make they pull and replace it or just leave it alone?

Robbie Marcus

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JP (not verified)

Any time an lbs - or any business - needs to replace/repair a part that was not the original problem, the lbs should call and get approval.

Your lbs replaced something without your permision and also downgraded you.

Me, I'd tell them what you told us and discuss the upgrades you had in mind. Maybe you get a deal and do the upgrade - maybe you stay with 105. But in any event, you make an informed choice - and that's more than the lbs offered you initially.

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Luke (not verified)

First, I know it couldn't be Sid's. The couple of times I brought my bikes to Sid's they called with questions and optons.

Now back to the topic at hand, I'd explain my unhapiness if this happened so that (1) they are given an opportunity to make amend and salvage a relationship by offering a discount on an Ultegra BB or the like (2) they'll hopefully think twice the next time around.

Good luck!

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
Yes, they screwed up; but why should they sell the Ultegra at...

Yes, they screwed up; but why do you think the shop should sell the Ultegra--if that's what Rob wanted after all--or, for that matter, anything else at a discount?

All he was out was a bit of agina and maybe use of his bike for a day.

I will accept that second reason, if that's your reason.

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Luke (not verified)

He left the bike for a quick tune-up. From his original post, it doesn't seem that he asked the LBS to replace his BB. They should not have touched it until given instruction by the owner to do so. This would have all been eliminated with one simple phone call.

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don montalvo (not verified)
since when does any bike shop do unapproved work?

sounds like you should talk to the bike shop manager. these mechanics are really only concerned with getting the bike operational again. decisions like parts swaps are not their call. i wouldn't be happy if this happend to me...i'd go back and work it out with the manager.


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Robert Marcus (not verified)

Yup, Yup. We are in negotiations and expect it to be settled, (I hope with a happy ending). I think they beleived they did the right thing, but the downgrade may have been a goof by the mechanic.

My mistake is not wanting to leave my bike at a shop for a few days, wheras I usually get same day service.

robert Marcus

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Paul (not verified)

This sort of goes against the normal human desire to sell you more than you need.
Did they put the 105 in but sell it at an Ultegra price? If not, then it does not sound like an unethical decision on their part. For many, a BB is a commodity part, so perhaps they thought they were doing you a favor.

FWIW, if you really want a new crank, it will take less time for you to do it yourself than it will to wait for them to do it. Further, the cost for the crank-puller pays for itself after its first use.

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Rob Marcus (not verified)

You are correct. I do not beleive they deceived me, but would have loved for them to tell me before because I was thinking of changing the crankset and the BB to a MEga Exo by FSA.

No biggie, just the usual crap. I gotta take the class series next summer that was run by the club.

Rob Marcus

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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
whose pulling who's crank?

"Telling him that there's a 105 installed is being upfront, perhaps after the fact. Other than removing the bottom bracket yourself, how would you know there is a 105 version in there? I can't imagine they would be so ballsy to charge him for the price of an Ultegra and tell him that there's a 105 installed.

""Crank pullers"" are like so yesterday. An Ultegra 9 speed bottom bracket tool differs from a Shimano 10 speed. FSA has a couple of different bottom bracket tools which also differs from the Shimano 9 and 10 speeds respectively. Likewise the same is true with Campagnolo. So at a minimum, he needs at least two bottom bracket tools, today. And who knows - possibly a 3rd when he's ready for a new crank tomorrow given how rapidly designs change.

Additionally, when replacing a bottom bracket it's a good idea, if not compulsory, depending on the condition of the frame, to require the use of a bottom bracket facing and tapping tool. That tool alone costs more than a bottom bracket and its professional installation. Also, if not done correctly, which is quite possible if it's your first time and without any prior instruction, you can damage the frame beyond repair.


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jc (not verified)
Look Ma no threads
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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
I disagree about the need to re-face and re-chase the BB.

When a frame is new, yes, the BB shell should/must be faced so the two sides are perfectly parallel and any paint chips are cut away so the cups will be seated correctly...which is also why you chase (clean) the threads. But I can't imagine a need to do this once it has been done such as when installing a new BB.

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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
Chasing Amy

If you are having a worn bottom bracket replaced, that implicitly means it's been inside the bicycle for a while, for recreational riders that is, and has been exposed to mositure - whether that be rain, humidity, sweat or sports drink. Over time this will mean a little bit of corrosive wear - meaning less than clean threads.

Chasing was definitely necessary on my titanium bike the times I had the bottom bracket replaced. I rarely ride in the rain and don't carry fluids on the bike.

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