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Last weekend I went camping at Little Pond Campsite in the south-western part of the Catskills. The closest towns were Livingston Manor to the south and Margaretville to the North. I enjoyed the place a lot and plan to go back.

However, my map does not tell me which roads are paved and which ones are not, so when we went riding, we ended up several times on unpaved roads which I don't particularly enjoy.

Any suggestions for good bike routes around that area?


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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Catskills suggestions

"The Jimapco map for Delaware County differentiates between state highways, county highways, major local roads, and local roads. The former two are paved; the latter two may be paved or not. As an example, four roads to the west of Little Pond ending at the Pepacton Reservoir: state highway 206 (Cat Hollow Rd) is paved; Holiday and Berry Brook Rd, a major local road, is paved; Mary Smith Hill Rd, also a major local road, is mostly unpaved, and for a long stretch is more of a trail than a road; and Beach Hill Rd is partly paved, but the dirt sections are in good condition. So if you stick to numbered roads, you should be on pavement all the time.

I just found this website:

Delaware County is one of my favorite places to cycle. I much prefer the roads in the western Catskills to those in the eastern Catskills (i.e., Greene and Ulster Counties). And if you'd like route ideas for Sullivan County as well, I'd be glad to help you, because I know that area fairly well."

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sebastian (not verified)

i cycled around margaretville for a week last year and went for some magnificent rides. like route 1 to andes on toward delhi then route 6 to the right and then down six toward margaretville. thats superb.

frim licingston manor you can connect up to the pepacto reservoir, although the road is in no map, but its paved. just take a left in turnwood and keep going and you'll come by a pretty little lake called big pond. route 47 from big indian to curry is nice and so is 42 from sundown to west shokan (the peakemoose climb). north from shandaken to lexington and prattsville is also a great ride. so is phoenicia to hunter and on. plenty of groovy riding up there ...

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More McCormack (not verified)
Catskill Routes

"This site has some very nice Hudson Valley Routes. Hudson Valley Rides

I rode 2 of them with a friend this past summer. The ""Shadow of the Catskills"" route and the ""Roeliff Jansen Kill"" route

Both rides were on little used roads with little to no vehicular traffic and offered splendid views of the Hudson Valley region. I would imagine that a fall foliage ride on either of these would be well worth the trip!"

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