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One thing which can be of great benefit to our members as well as all cyclists who use our website would be a list of the locations of free town water in our cycling region. Buying bottled water does generate waste. Towns have provided free pubic water which, in the past, was essential to use of local residents as well as travelers for themselves and their horses. Water fountains carry this same access into present times.

What we need to do is post where free water is available on a thread then add the results to a site on our resource page. Water fountains in the city are helpful, although most public water is seasonal. Once this page is up and running, ride leaders would be well-served to read it prior to their rides to include stops which will facilitate spreading this information to our members.

1st entry: There is a public fountain just to the east of 9w in Stony Point, north of Rt 108/Main St in a small park with a gazebo. If I am correct, there are artillery shells in front of the gazebo. I was on a Tom Laskey ride to Bear Mtn with Christy back in/around 1998 when we stopped for water. If anyone is riding through, please check which streets bound this park, north and south, and the name of the park.

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packfill (not verified)
the cold water tap in every public bathroom (nm)
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Paul (not verified)

Another option is just bring more water with you. Most water bottles are about 25 ounces each, which should last 3-4 hours if you assume 400ml/hour. Beyond that, you could carry another bottle in your jersey, which would increase your camel hump to accommodate 4.5-5.5 hours of riding.
For even longer rides, you can throw on a trunk and bring another liter or so.

On my trip from Hyannis to NYC, I packed two 1.5 liter bottles in my panniers plus the two 25 ounce water bottles on the frame, which provided enough water for over 10 hours. When I got to my hotel (yeah, I'm a wuss), I refilled the bottles and added sports drink powder. After 200+ miles, my water/Gatorade expenditure was $0.

FWIW, I am a big fan of the Sig aluminum bottles, which are only a little bit heavier than the plastic ones, but water drank from them tastes much better compared to plastic. Short of losing them, they should also last a lifetime which further reduces waste.

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copyeditor (not verified)

"""Towns have provided free pubic water which, in the past, was essential to use of local residents as well as travelers for themselves and their horses.""

Hank, maybe that's fit for the horses, but i like drinking water that's never been near anyone's private parts ;)"

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)

Copywriter, drinking any water is a leap of faith. What did W C Fields say about drinking water? Something to the effect that he doesn't drink water because fish swim in it. Or was it that fish reproduce in it?

Perhaps we should retitle this thread as to a beer resource project.

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Mark Loftis (not verified)
My favorite beer stop is ....

Christy and Jody's house in Cold Spring. The water isn't bad either and there are bathrooms as well.

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chris o (not verified)
Bear Mountain/Hessian Lake

"Great idea, Hank.
The Bottled Water Problem

If you are at the Bear Mountain circle where Rt. 6, Rt. 202 and Rt. 9W all come together, then take 9W south towards 7 Lakes Dr. About a quarter mile from the circle is a large cabin to the right. This building has bathrooms and an outdoor water fountain."

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)

Yes, and there is a water fountain in the carousel at Bear Mtn.

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Ed (not verified)
NYCC water resource

It is silly to buy bottled water and then pour it into a bottle. Diners have been accommodating, bringing around pitchers of ice water so you can fill up. Some people would buy a gallon to share, which is a nice touch and helps a bit.

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Jay (not verified)
Alpine Police Station atop River Rd climb & Runcible/Nyack

Alpine has a water cooler just inside the door--put bikes in bike rack NOT against bldg pls. Runcible usually puts out a large insulated barrel of cold water out in front.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)

Yes, this is an important water station.

But there must be taps in many public places throughout our region in town squares that can become common knowledge to our cycling community.

Salisbury, CT has a great public water tap next to the town hall on Rt 44/41.

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